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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Henna Tattoo Body Art for Couples: Valentine Fun!

Tired of the same old Valentine gifts? Chocolate hearts, flowers, lingerie…

Well, check this out! Beachcombers Couples Henna Tattoo Kit comes with everything you need to have a fun (or erotic) activity with your significant other.

Henna body art is a temporary tattoo-like stain that stays on the skin 1-3 weeks. See henna tattoo pictures and learn all about henna at this henna help site, www.ShopHenna.com.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, since there is enough henna product to have many many henna tattoo sessions. Not to mention, henna is said to attract, love, luck and prosperity. Who couldn’t use a little more of any of those?

Pair the Couples Henna Tattoo Kit with bindi body stickers for even more Valentine fun!

For a limited time Beachcombers Bazaar is offering $5 off the Couples Henna Tattoo Kit with the purchase of any bindi body sticker!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Batik Art on Silk by Shalini Tandon

We are very excited to offer another local Orlando artist's work! Shalini Tandon has practiced the ancient art of batik for more than 35 years. Originally from India, where she graduated with a Fine Arts degree, Shalini infuses a rich cultural tradition with fine art. Her batik paintings on silk have been featured in galleries throughout Central Florida and in other parts of the United states as well.

What is batik?
Batik is an ancien
t art technique that uses hot wax as a resist for dyes on fabric or paper. Basic batik is very straight forward and simple, but advanced multi-colored and multi-layered batik is very complex and time consuming. A single piece of multi-colored batik work can take months to create.
"A true art form should encourage the viewer to participate in its creation. Through the use of imagination the viewer should be allowed to create a story that underlies the visual interpretation, and the art should communicate with the view, thus the view becomes part of the creation. Batik is such an art form."

-Shalini Tandon
Shalini's art captures elements of people and their natural surroundings to create a visual story with fluid images. She uses only silk fabric for her batik art, and often seeks out antique sari fabric with a story and history attached to the fabric. Indian women, such as her Great-Grandmother, have contributed sari fabric from special moments in their lives for some of Shalini's pieces.

At Beachcombers Bazaar, we offer a selection of Sahlini's silk batik scarves, silk batik pillows, and framed silk batik art. This is art to be experienced, so stop in and bring a friend! I am happy to create
custom matching glass bangle sets for the batik silk scarves to make the perfect Valentine's gift.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes! New Khussa Indian Shoes

You've been waiting for this haven't you?

They are finally here and they are spectacular! This grouping of shoes is better than ever!

I have a great selection of wedding shoes in whites and off-whites. Keep in mind, any of the silk white shoes can be tinted to match your dress or bridesmaids dresses.

Support WABB! (Women Against Barefoot Bridesmaids). Give your closest girls khussa to wear during the reception so they don't have to be in uncomfortable heels or worse, barefoot.

I also have some exciting new styles! Check out our open toe khussa that was inspired by request of Linda, our favorite Hawaiian!

There are 24 or less of each style made, so if you want something, get it while you can!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Clearance Ethnic Indian Shoes!

That's right! A huge selection of Beachcombers ethnic khussa shoes are on clearance for only $16.99! I have our Indian shoes handmade per my designs in very small quantities (typically less than 30 pair per style). I often end up with just one or two pair of shoes in a style left, so I've been putting these aside to be able to offer a nice selection of clearance Indian shoes for you.

Come by our store, Beachcombers Bazaar (biggest selection at our store in College Park, Orlando), or shop our website, www.ShopBeachcombers.com, soon for the best selection, as these won't last long. Once they are gone, they are gone forever!

What a way to start the New Year! Fabulous, affordable, handmade khussa Indian shoes!