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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glass Bangles: The Perfect Fit for Any Style

Glass bangle bracelets
5 SURPRISE Indian Glass Bangle Sets
Only $39.99
If you’re searching for an elegant and simply stunning accessory, Indian glass bangles are for you. Glass bangles are available in every color – including gold and silver, so they’re the perfect match for any outfit. Wear them at a wedding, a party or another event!

Real glass bangles made from shiny, high quality glass have a distinctive jingling sound when worn, unlike cheap bangles made from plastic. Whenever I wear these real glass bangles, I receive a lot of compliments as soon as people hear the musical tinkling of the glass clinking together. I am constantly asked where I got them because people just can’t wait to get some of these stylish and unique bangles for themselves.

Sometimes when I tell people that these bangles are made from real glass, they wonder how the glass doesn’t shatter when the bangles clink together. I always assure them that these glass bangles are incredibly sturdy. You’ll never have to worry about them being damaged during shipping, while you wear them, or even if you accidentally drop them.

Handmade Glass Bangles of Unmatched Quality! 


One of the reasons that these bangles are so gorgeous is that they are handmade. All of Beachcombers’ beautiful glass bangle bracelets are made with love by a small family business in Pakistan. You can really see the time, care and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing these colored glass bangles. Unlike many of the cheap bangles that are sold in malls, there is a real sense of elegance to these bangles. The quality craftsmanship is apparent from the moment that you lay eyes on them.

You can wear these glass bangles in a wide variety of settings. They are elegant enough to be worn with a dress for more formal occasions, yet versatile enough to get pair with a casual top and some jeans. Anytime is a good time to slip on some of these awesome glass bangles! They are especially popular for weddings and even come in a special larger size for wedding outfits. And don’t worry about these colored bracelets clashing with any clothes; you can choose them in a whole rainbow of colors so that you always have something that matches.

The best part about these bangles is that they fit so well! You can choose from Small, Medium/Large, or even Extra Large to fit your exact wrist size. That way, you can choose a bangle that won’t fall off, but still fit perfectly on you. Finding your size is easy. Beachcombers not only offers a sizing kit, but a printable pdf option too!

I love these glass bangles, and you will too. Try a pair for yourself or give the gift set to a friend or loved one!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Shipping Schedule

Keep our Christmas shipping schedule in mind, so you have great Beachcombers gifts under the tree in time for Christmas.

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We have extended our FREE Shipping sale until December 20, so don't wait...order today!

FREE Shipping Offers!
Domestic Orders $50 or More
(Good until Cyber Monday, December 2)
~ Florida Orders $40 or More
~ US Military AA, AE, AP Address
Extended Return Policy
Be confident purchasing holiday gifts.
Our return policy is currently extended until January 30, 2014.
Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Incorporate Henna into Your Event

Make Your Next Event Memorable With Henna!

Make your next party or event one no one will forget. Simply add henna! Incorporating henna tattoos into your event will provide hours of entertainment and unique fun! You may be wondering how to use henna for a group, and more importantly, what henna is and how it works. With a couple of recommendations below you will be using henna with ease.
how to design temporary henna tattoos


What Is Henna?

Henna, or mendhi, is a natural plant-based emulsion that is used to temporarily decorate the skin. It is derived from the henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis, where the leaves are dried and ground into a powder used to make henna paste. It is very popular in India and other eastern cultures as a form of tradition and entertainment during events such as weddings and festivals. Though henna is often thought of as being Indian, henna tattoos have become a part of our everyday culture here in America. Henna is done on everyone, of all ages and all cultures.

If Henna Is For Everyone Then How Do You Use It?

Birthday or bachelorette parties are great places for henna tattoos. Let each guest design temporary tattoos then take turns applying the henna patterns. This makes for hours of endless entertainment. Henna can be applied to both men and women so all guests can participate in having it done. If you have leftovers, send them home as party favors or freeze the henna until your next event.

Along with birthday parties, henna tattoos are great for use at a festival or cultural fair. You can set up a booth or table area and design temporary henna tattoos for everyone. With Beachcombers pre-made patterns for designs, you can apply henna quickly and easily on lots of people. Whether you are participating in raising money for charity, participating in a cultural fair or practicing your henna tattooing skills, henna is the perfect medium for events with lots of people.

Are you ready to get started? Beachcombers has affordable henna tattoo kits in party packs that are complete with all of the supplies needed to apply temporary henna tattoos. The kits are easy to use and contain supplies including the henna powder (or paste), oil, applicator bottles and much more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced henna tattoo artist, our kits will help you successfully incorporate henna into your event.

Henna Design Ebooks
Henna Design Ebooks

 Only $0.99-$6.99

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Bindi Body Sticker Sale!

Stocking Stuffer Sale!

TODAY, buy 5 bindi and get 25% off all of them!

Everyone likes something sparkly and fun during the holidays, and what could be better than colorful Indian bindi body stickers to fill that need?

Here are my top 3 holiday used for bindi body stickers...

  • Stocking Stuffers
    Cheap, small, sparkly, and fun! Bindi are ideal for unique stocking stuffers.
  • Holiday Party Giveaways
    Bindi make fantastic unique stocking stuffers, but my favorite holiday use for them is as giveaways on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. I walk around with a handful of bindis in my purse and give them away to women, men, girls, boys, pets, whomever wants one!
  • Gift Card and Gift Certificate Stuffers
    Make the gift cards you give a bit more special and much more personal but popping a bindi pack into the gift card envelope.

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InternationalMonday Dec 9Thursday Dec 12Tuesday Dec 17

We guarantee delivery by Christmas or we'll refund your shipping.

Buy Bindi Body Stickers Today!

May your holiday be sparkly!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Knock Her Socks Off! Unique Bangle Gifts for Her!

Who really wants yet another basket from Bath & Body works? Give her something special that shows you put some thought into your gift. Don't worry...we'll do the real work for you!

These great glass bangle gifts will knock her stockings off. We'll custom create bangle sets that work beautifully together so she can mix and match bangles all year long! All you need to do is pick the gift you want to give that fits your budget. 

Bangle of the Month Club
Only $79.99 - 159.99

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All orders placed through Dec 20th will automatically be upgraded to expedited shipping at no additional charge!

Happy Holidays!