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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Rajasthani Organic Henna Power 3.2% Dye content!

That's right, I said 3.2% lawsone content!  Even higher than my beloved Jamila henna. 

OK, let's talk about this new Rajasthani henna.  It's leaving spectacular color!  I mean really, really, really good

The picture below is on difficult-to-stain me.  The henna was left on for 3 hours with no sealer and no additional heat.  The picture was taken only 13 hours after paste removal.  Seriously!

The 2011 Organic Raj henna is a stringy henna.  This means it's great for draping lines that is common in Moroccan style henna.  If you are used to Jamila henna, it will take a little getting used to.  

It is 100 mesh sifted, so not as perfect as Jamila, but still excellent. 

Full dye release is obtained, generally, in 12-24 hours.  The quicker dye release means the henna paste is not quite as stable as Jamila henna, but it still holds up very well.
GREAT flipping stuff! 

Get the best of both worlds by mixing half Rajisthani paste and half Jamila paste.  You'll get that fantastic Jamila smoothness, texture, workability, and stability and the darker stain color of the Raj henna! 

PERFECT henna!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Henna Design eBooks!

 Woo hoo!  Two new design books have been released.

The first is our Hand-Cramping Masterpieces henna design eBook.  This 23 page eBook contians intricate henna designs for many occasions including wedding style henna. 
Designs range from moderate to challenging henna styles. A variety of styles are represented including lacey Indian style wedding henna, bold Arabic floral henna, geometric African henna, and modern fusion henna. 

A full 26 henna designs are included for only $6.99!  Can you spell BARGAIN?!

The other new eBook is our Modern Variety Pack henna design eBookThis eBook has a little bit of everything! Most of these henna designs are of a moderate or intermediate skill level, so with a little practice even a henna beginner can learn all of these.

This book focuses on modern interpretations of henna designs and henna styles. Each page is very different from the pages around it to give you a massive variety of different henna styles done in fresh modern ways to spark your imagination. You will find perfect higher-end festival pieces along with great henna party pieces.

A full 42 henna designs are in this eBook for only $6.99.  That's right, I said 42 henna designs!

We also have a free eBook of henna templates available for your use.  These are for you to use for practicing henna.  You can draw out your own henna designs!  You can use actual henna directly on the pages or slip the pages into plastic sleeves and henna the sleeves.  Dry-earase markers also are great for practicing henna designs on the plastic sleeves.

Keep an eye out!  We'll have more henna eBooks to come!  Be sure to stock up on your henna products, henna paste, and henna powder at our website, www.ShopBeachcombers.com.

Henna On!