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Friday, May 30, 2014

Favorite Henna Designs for Summer

Any time is a good time for a henna tattoo, but summer tends to be the most popular time to have one done. After all, it's the time of year when more skin is exposed, so it's easier to go all out with a really elaborate henna tattoo. Before going out and having a henna tattoo drawn on your arm, hand, ankle, foot or elsewhere on your body, give some thought about how you'd like it to look. The sky's the limit when it comes to henna designs, but certain motifs make more sense during the summer than others. A great way to brainstorm ideas is by checking out henna design books. Start getting the inspiration you need by considering these popular summer henna designs right now:
Floral Henna Design Patterns Ebook
  • Ladybugs - Most henna designs include intricate abstract patterns, but it's nice to have some sort of focal point too. Why not try a cute ladybug design? The ladybug could form the center of the henna design, and abstract shapes and patterns can radiate out from it. You're sure to get lots of compliments for your henna tattoo, which will work perfectly during the warmest, sunniest time of year.
  • Floral and Botanical Designs - After browsing through various henna design books and websites, you'll quickly see that floral patterns and botanical designs are very popular. You can take these ideas in many exciting directions. From simple patterns of daisies to elaborate networks of vines that wind their way down your hand, along your wrist and up your arm, you'll love the pretty, cheery style of botanical and floral henna tattoos.
  • Sunshine - Pay homage to the sun this summer with a lovely sun-themed henna tattoo. The sun can serve as the centerpiece of your henna design, or you can include a series of suns for a particularly bright, sunny, happy look. Throw in a few abstract shapes and patterns to achieve a summer friendly style that you're sure to love. Suns radiating out from the bellybutton as the focal point are especially popular and a great look for a night of dancing or a day at the beach.
  • Butterflies - Henna tattoos are usually richly detailed, and what better way to play up that characteristic than with a butterfly motif? Butterfly wings tend to have very elaborate patterns that work perfectly with this type of art. You can then use coordinating patterns to create a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Beach and Ocean - Summertime conjures images of wide, sandy beaches with crashing waves, so it makes sense to incorporate those images into your summer henna tattoos. Waves offer many opportunities for gorgeous henna patterns, and seashells are also very popular. From starfish to octopuses, the sea is filled with unique plants and creatures that translate well into henna tattoos. Mix and match a few different designs to achieve a truly unique and unforgettable henna tattoo.
Whether you opt for a floral pattern for your summer henna tattoo or if you're interested in something a little different, there's no end to the possibilities. Summer will be here before you know it, so brainstorm some great summer henna designs now!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Product Spotlight: White Khussa Indian Bridal Shoes

From the ring to the dress, weddings should have all the right accessories to make your day unforgettable. One of the most important accessories you’ll need on your wedding day are elegant, comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet for the ceremony and dancing the night away, so you’ll want shoes that won’t cause discomfort, but still look great. For the perfect wedding shoes, give beaded khussa shoes a try!
white bridal khussa shoes

Khussa shoes are traditional Indian beaded flats dating back to the 17th century. They are crafted to create a custom fit that is ultra-comfortable compared to other shoes. The elegant appearance, high quality materials and extreme comfort, make white khussa Indian shoes especially popular with wedding attire. They’re not only popular for the bride, but for the bridal party and wedding guests as well. Brides wear white shoes, while their bridal party wears matching khussa shoes in the wedding colors to complement the wedding theme.

At Beachcombers, our khussa slippers offer comfort and durability. Our khussa shoes are made from premium leather, which means that they appear stiff at first, but will easily conform to your feet with wear. Since the leather is high quality, it will not cause irritation or a bad odor – a wonderful quality after a night of dancing at a wedding reception!

In addition to quality leather, these white khussa wedding shoes are decorated with intricate beadwork applied by hand. The beadwork is beautifully ornate and resembles original khussa shoes from the 17th century. Iridescent sequins and beads line the entire shoe and is accented with silver or gold threadwork. All stitching is tight and even. The entire styling, especially the intricate toe beadwork, creates a work of art on the feet.

These khussa shoes mostly run true to size. They are meant to be worn with the toe all the way at the tip of the shoe in a traditional fit; however, you can size up and add an insole for a looser fit. They don’t come in half sizes as they are very flexible.

These shoes are unique in their craftsmanship and are a great accessory for any wedding. Like the classic versions, these slippers are ornately decorated and extremely comfortable. Anyone searching for a pair of khussa wedding shoes should look no further than Beachcombers Bazaar for a great selection and excellent craftsmanship.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Henna Design eBooks De-Mystified!

Henna design eBooks for download
Which henna design eBooks should you get? It can be tough to choose with such a great selection, but not-to-worry...I'm heeeeere to save the daaaaaay!

Though all our henna design eBooks contain henna designs, some also contain educational information.

We have full size henna eBooks that contain 10-60 henna designs and start at just $4.99.

Be sure to see the mini eBook collection that include just a couple pages of henna designs for less than $2!

Educational Henna eBooks

Learn how to henna with these eBooks
These eBooks contain both henna designs and and educational information.

Henna Basics & Beyond eBook
34 Henna Designs plus Basic Elements, Fillers, and How-To's

This eBook is great for beginners. It contains the basics of henna such as henna safety, mixing henna, the science of henna, and the art of henna. It focuses on easy-to-do henna designs that use the basic henna elements to create great looking mehndi designs. By focusing on designs that rely on basic elements, it helps you create muscle memory and cement those elements into your henna vocabulary.

Easy Fundraiser Henna Designs eBook
Over 60 Henna Designs

This henna eBook is perfect for people that are new to henna and using henna as a way to raise money for a school or charity. It includes the basics of henna and suggestions for pricing and festival/fundraiser settings. The mehndi designs in this book are specifically easy and quick to do and are high impact for a fundraiser setting.
Henna designs by price for festivals and events
Henna Designs by Price $10-20

Your First Henna Gig Henna eBook

40 Henna Designs (in the $10, $15, and $20 price range)

This will help newer artists avoid many of the problems that arise during your first few henna parties. It supports you through those first few henna gigs or events. Covering, business basics, pricing information, how to select designs for an event, how to determine how many people you can henna in an hour, a sample contract for your use, how to create a Henna Design Book (aka Festival Book), basic signage, and great easy-to-do henna designs that people will love!

Need-To-Know Henna

28 Henna Designs plus Basic Elements and How-To's

This eBook is just what it says it is, need-to-know henna! In addition to the basic like mixing henna and the science of henna, it even has information on how to practice henna to get results. The designs in this eBook contain a huge variety of styles and range from easy to moderately difficult. These are great designs to add to your Henna Design Book/ Festival Book.
Learn to simplify complicated henna designs

Intricacy & Simplicity Henna Design eBook

31 Henna Designs plus 2 Pages of Information

This henna eBook is specifically designed to teach to concept of simplifying a henna design using easy techniques that keep the integrity of the original henna design. The time it takes to complete a henna design and there for the cost it dependent on the intricacy of the henna design.

Shop Henna Design eBooks Here


Henna Design eBooks

Beautiful henna design eBooks to dowload
These mehndi design books focus purple on henna art without educational information. These designs are great to add to your Festival Books or for your personal practice and pleasure.

The Modern Variety Pack Henna Design eBook
42 Henna Designs

A fresh take on henna design with a variety of style inspirations. You get designs that are great for higher end festival pieces or henna parties. It's also great for personal inspiration. This is one of my personal favorite eBooks.

Hand Cramping Masterpieces Henna Design eBook
26 Henna Designs

These are more intricate henna styles that are appropriate for personal use, one-on-one henna appointments, occasion henna, and even bridal henna. Some of the designs can be completed pretty quickly with some practice and could be added to Festival books. Designs range from easy/moderate to mid-level challenging henna designs. Though geared for more experienced artists, these mehndi designs rely heavily on the basic henna elements so they are perfect for newer artists that are looking to up their henna game!

Beautiufl mehndi designs by Neeta Sharma for henna parties
Ten Sangeet Henna Hands by Neeta Sharma

Ten Sangeet Henna Hands Design eBook
By Neeta Sharma (yes, THAT Neeta Sharma!)
10 Henna Designs

This is a beautiful henna design book by Neeta Sharma, Mehndi Designer. She has carefully created 10 henna designs that are perfect for Sangeet and Mehndi parties. The designs look complicated, but rely on repeating elements to make them quick to create. Designs are a modern take on Indian henna with Gulf influences to give guest something brand new and exciting.

Shop Henna Design eBooks Here


Mini Design eBooks

Pirate themed henna designs!
Our mini eBook series is designed to give you just a couple pages of henna designs to update your Festival Books or for personal inspiration, for less than $2! Most are a specific theme that can add a bit of freshness to your work.

Arrrgggghhhh! Pirate Henna Design eBook
20 Henna Designs on 3 Pages
This is a unique take on Pirate themed henna. My favorite is the page of Pirate "brands."

Henna Hearts Design eBook
13 Henna Designs on 3 Pages
Perfect for Valentine's Day henna, Sweetest Day, anniversaries, and super popular for festivals! These are a hit with teenage girls at festivals.

Easy quick henna crowd pleasers
Festival Favorites Henna Design eBook
10 Henna Designs on 2 Pages
Crowd pleasers specifically created for festival settings. Flowers, paisleys, and even a sea turtle will delight in the $10-15 price range. Designs are very quick to complete with high impact.

Spring Festival Henna Design eBook
18 Henna Designs on 2 Pages
These are exceptionally easy henna designs in the $5-15 price range, with most designs are well priced at $10. Containing birds, hearts, and easy dragon, and even a UFO, this eBook is perfect for a younger audience of both boys and girls.

A modern take on the sangeet strip
Festival Strips Henna Design eBook
6 Sangeet Strip Designs on 2 Pages
This is a great design book using the sangeet strip concept with a more modern take for festivals and parties (though there is one traditional Sangeet strip). Designs go from one finger up to the wrist.

Party Mix Henna Design eBook
6 Henna Designs on 2 Pages
The party style eBook includes great fusion henna pieces that are perfect for parties or personal inspiration. They may be a little tough for newer artists as festival pieces, but for experienced artists, these are great additions to Festival Henna Books.

Henna flowers are perfect for festivals and parties
Elegant Angles Henna design eBook
6 Henna Designs on 2 Pages
This eBook also uses the sangeet strip concept in a very simple and modern way. Designs are heavy on the basic elements and can be accomplished by beginners. These are great festival pieces as they look "bigger" that they actually are, making them very quick to henna.

Festival Flowers 1 & 2 
4-6 Henna Designs on 2 Pages for each eBook
Our festival flower series offers a variety of flowers for your Festival Henna Book. Since flowers are generally the most popular henna motif, you can't have too many! This is a series that will continue to grow.

Henna Wildflowers
6 Henna Designs on 2 Pages
This is a unique take on henna flowers including dandelions, fennel, and cone flowers among others. Get outside the henna flower-box!

More beautiful henna design eBooks are in the works!

Shop Henna Design eBooks Here

Get inspired! Henna on!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Wear Henna in Any Weather Condition

After investing your time and money into getting a flawless henna tattoo, watching it fade fast is a big disappointment. Henna works by staining the top layer of skin cells, so your lifestyle and the weather outside both play a role in how long you can expect your henna design to last. When it comes to premature fading; bad skin care, excessive moisture, cold, and harsh chemicals are some of the worst offenders. Fortunately, they’re also some of the easiest problems to avoid with a few minor changes to your care plan. From protecting your stain from water damage with coverings to avoiding exfoliating chemicals, following the color-boosting tricks below can help keep your henna design fresh in any weather.

Remember, henna is a permanent stain. The henna does not fade away, the skin cells exfoliate off. Anything that exfoliates the skin, will make your henna fade quicker.

Start with Quality Supplies 

Even the best aftercare routine won’t make a difference if your henna tattoo is created with low-grade materials. For intense color coverage and longer lifespan, only use fresh henna from a trusted, professional source. At Beachcombers, our henna is high quality fresh henna that is properly stored and we offer high quality essential oils for mixing. Jamila henna powders and our house henna ORa Rajasthani henna deliver dark stains that last.

Follow Professional Instructions 
 Henna Basics & Beyond eBook: The Science & Art of Henna Information & Design eBook

If you want to try an at-home henna design, perfecting your application technique is just as important as using high-end henna powders. To learn how to create strong stains that won’t fade quickly, download a helpful guide such as the eBook “Henna Basics and Beyond” for beginners.

Prevent Fading with a Natural Sealant 

Spraying lemon and sugar on top of your henna paste (after the paste sets) will let you keep the paste on the skin longer so you will get a longer lasting henna stain. You can find professional sealants online or make your own version at home by combining sugar with lemon juice and heating the mix up in a pan until it turns clear. Once it cools off, use a cotton swab to carefully apply a small amount of the sealing paste to your henna pattern.

Stay Out of the Water 

If you can avoid it, don’t go swimming for the first few days after getting your henna tattoo done. Chlorine in swimming pools is especially exfoliating to the skin and will fade your henna tattoo quickly. Cover your tattoo when heading outdoors in the rain, but go with loose-fitting clothes that won’t rub against your skin. The friction between tight fabric and henna can speed up the fading process and distort design. For those hot summer days when covering up aren’t an option, gently rub your tattoo with olive oil before swimming or walking in the rain.

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

While high body heat is actually good for creating a stronger stain, exposing your skin to direct sunlight enough to burn or dry out the skin can shorten its lifespan by causing peeling. To protect both your skin’s health and your design, cover up! If you plan to spend hours in direct sunlight, wear a wide-brimmed hat or loose shirt. Sunscreen is very important for skin health, but it can be exfoliating and cause your henna to fade. Choose a sunblock with as few additives as possible. Henna acts as a natural sunblock, but you still need to be proactive about protecting the rest of your body from the sun’s toxic ultraviolet rays.

Do you know a tip to prolong the life of your henna tattoo that we skipped? Comment and share it below!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Differences in Jamila Henna and ORa Rajasthani Henna Powder

Dark henna stain from BAQ Jamila henna powder at Beachocmbers
Lovely henna tattoo stain from BAQ Jamila henna powder
Wondering which henna is right for you?

If you are deciding between BAQ Jamila henna and ORa Organic Rajasthani henna, you can't go wrong with either choice, however there are some differences between the two henna powders. The 3 big factors important in henna powders are color, stability, and texture.

BAQ Jamila Henna Powder
(BAQ=Body Art Quality)

Jamila henna is a long time henna favorite of ours and of professional henna artists around the world. It's a tried and true brand that consistently leaves good color. It's a stable henna with a smooth creamy texture. BAQ Jamila has the finest sift of any henna available.

  • Henna Color
    Though it doesn't have the crazy high lawsone content of ORa henna, it still leaves good reliable color. Jamila henna is good for both bridal henna work or festival henna work.
  • Henna Paste Stability
    Jamila henna powder has a long dye release time, generally 24 hours or more. While this can be a pain, it leads to a very stable henna that's tough to "kill".
  • Henna Texture
    The creamy texture of Jamila is a dream to work with, though it's lack of string can make straight lines a challenge. The 2013 batch of Jamila has more string than previous batches. Adding a bit of sugar to Jamila henna can add some of that coveted "string" to the henna. You can also mix Jamila henna with ORa Rajasthani henna to give it a nice mix of creamy, yet stringy texture.
Overall Jamila is a great henna that leaves good color and has a spectacular super-fine sift. It is a bit more finicky because of it's long dye release time, but still a solid dependable henna.

Organic Rajasthani henna powder has a high lawsone content for extra dark stains.ORa Organic Rajasthani Henna Powder BAQ

ORa henna is a USDA certified organic henna powder. Many hennas claim to be organic but few actually have a USDA certification number. Our house henna, ORa, is certified by ECOCERT number ORG/SC/1203/000394.

It's a stable henna with a crazy high lawsone content of 3.29% and leaves awesome color for very little work. This Rajasthani henna is triple sifted, but it's no quite as fine a sift as Jamila.
  • Henna Color
    An exceptionally high lawsone content makes ORa henna one of the easiest henna's to get great color, even from a new henna artist. ORa henna powder is capable of ridiculously dark stains when care is taken and even leaves good color under poor circumstances. ORa henna is good for both bridal henna work or festival henna work. If you are working under less than optimal conditions (like a beach where people are wearing sunblock), ORa will help you get the best color possible.
  • Henna Paste Stability
    ORa henna is generally ready to use in 6-12 hours, but I've found it to be stable for over 48 hours of room temperature abuse. A rich dark henna stain AND a stable henna...woo hoo!
  • Henna Texture
    ORa henna is a very stringy henna. No need to add sugar unless you need it for better stick-to-the-skin-ness. I like a stingy henna, so I find ORa a dream to work with. I also like a bit of sugar in my henna so I don't have to deal with using a sealer.
Overall, ORa henna is my favorite henna, personally. It's easy to get great color, easy to work with, and is a very stable henna. I like the added benefit of it being organic. This is generally my recommendation for both beginners and professional henna artists.

If you decide to try them both, consider mixing them to create your own custom blended  henna. When mixing henna's that have different dye release times, always mix the hennas separately and then mix them together after you have achieved dye release for both hennas.

No matter which henna you choose, you can be confident when buying from Beachcombers that our henna is fresh and stored properly so you get the best possible henna stains.

Shop for fresh henna powder here.

I hope this helps!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wild Flower Henna Designs Mehndi eBook

New henna design eBook of beautiful wild flowers.
So I'm LOVING this newest henna design eBook!

In henna design, it can be easy to fall into doing the same henna flowers over and over. This mini eBook contains 6 floral henna designs inspired by wild flowers for only $1.49!

Find the purple cone flower in this design eBook and dandelions blowing in the wind. My persona favorite is inspired by fennel flowers.

I created this eBook for personal inspiration for henna artists, but the henna designs are perfect for summer festivals. Designs are easily adaptable to any part of the body.

Get It Now!

Henna On!