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Friday, May 16, 2014

Product Spotlight: White Khussa Indian Bridal Shoes

From the ring to the dress, weddings should have all the right accessories to make your day unforgettable. One of the most important accessories you’ll need on your wedding day are elegant, comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet for the ceremony and dancing the night away, so you’ll want shoes that won’t cause discomfort, but still look great. For the perfect wedding shoes, give beaded khussa shoes a try!
white bridal khussa shoes

Khussa shoes are traditional Indian beaded flats dating back to the 17th century. They are crafted to create a custom fit that is ultra-comfortable compared to other shoes. The elegant appearance, high quality materials and extreme comfort, make white khussa Indian shoes especially popular with wedding attire. They’re not only popular for the bride, but for the bridal party and wedding guests as well. Brides wear white shoes, while their bridal party wears matching khussa shoes in the wedding colors to complement the wedding theme.

At Beachcombers, our khussa slippers offer comfort and durability. Our khussa shoes are made from premium leather, which means that they appear stiff at first, but will easily conform to your feet with wear. Since the leather is high quality, it will not cause irritation or a bad odor – a wonderful quality after a night of dancing at a wedding reception!

In addition to quality leather, these white khussa wedding shoes are decorated with intricate beadwork applied by hand. The beadwork is beautifully ornate and resembles original khussa shoes from the 17th century. Iridescent sequins and beads line the entire shoe and is accented with silver or gold threadwork. All stitching is tight and even. The entire styling, especially the intricate toe beadwork, creates a work of art on the feet.

These khussa shoes mostly run true to size. They are meant to be worn with the toe all the way at the tip of the shoe in a traditional fit; however, you can size up and add an insole for a looser fit. They don’t come in half sizes as they are very flexible.

These shoes are unique in their craftsmanship and are a great accessory for any wedding. Like the classic versions, these slippers are ornately decorated and extremely comfortable. Anyone searching for a pair of khussa wedding shoes should look no further than Beachcombers Bazaar for a great selection and excellent craftsmanship.

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