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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Henna Tattoo Basics Workshop Sold Out

Our Simply Henna Workshop: Henna Tattoos for Beginners is sold out for the March 28, 2009 class.

For those of you signed up for the workshop, I can't wait! It's always a blast! You will get plenty of henna to play with during and after the class, and you will be rip-roaring-ready-to-henna-everything-within-reach by the end of class!

I will also offer a follow-up Advanced Henna Technique class April 19. This class will focus on doing henna on others, artistic techniques, advanced henna mixes, and an in depth Q & A session. Registration for the Advance Henna Workshop will open after the Simply 101 Workshop is completed. Basic henna knowledge will be required for this class.

The next basic level henna class will likely be in June.

Here's to henna!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Broken Glass Bangle Holders by Wabisabi Designs

Made with Beachcombers broken glass bangles, these fantastic tea light holders are spectacular!

Local Orlando artist and dancer, Violet of Wabisabi Designs, created these fantastic tea light holders using Beachcombers’ broken glass bangles. Each holder takes nearly 3 hours of painstaking handwork to complete. The perfect size and color of bangle pieces are pieced together like an artistic jigsaw puzzle to create a head-turning piece of useable art.

Don’t limit yourself to using this beautiful piece just for candles. They are too pretty to be useful for only one purpose!

  • pen or pencil cup
  • small vase
  • incense burner
  • makeup brushes
  • straw or utensil holder for parties
Available at Beachcombers Bazaar local College Park Store while supplies last.

Beachcombers Bazaar
2525 Edgewater Dr
Orlando FL 32804

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beachcombers Featured in the Orlando Sentinel!

We are proud to be featured on the front page of the Style & Tends section of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper today!

The article, "East Meets Zest", by Jean Patteson focuses on how Indian style is creeping into fashion everywhere and how you can incorporate a little Bollywood style into your wardrobe.

Patteson suggests some of the following for easy Bollywood Indian style...
She's right. Indian influence always has a place in fashion and never more than right now. It's easy to add a piece of the East to any wardrobe.

Try pairing Beachcombers Bazaar's khussa Indian shoes or a set of glass bangles with jeans and a cute top.

Wear a bindi body sticker at the corner of your eye or as a faux nose ring.

Stop by our College Park Store on Saturday and get a safe temporary henna tattoo. If you are not local, try one of our henna starter kits and create your own henna tattoos!

Take the plunge in exotic accessories!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shop Local Orlando!

Did you see Beachcombers Bazaar's television debut on the Channel 6 11:00 News, Tuesday March? We are very excited about it!

The Florida Retail Federation has launched a campaign to encourage Floridians to shop locally, and Erik von Ancken dropped by the store for a quick interview and to film some footage of a local business. Erik heard about us from Elissa who teaches Dance Trance (how fun is that!) at the You Health Center.

A HUGE thank you to Elissa!

The basics of the "shop local campaign" is that we, as consumers, should try to find what we need in our own communities before reaching out further, thus supporting local business and keeping their doors open. The FRF is hoping to keep more spending and tax dollars in Florida to help the state weather the financial crunch.

As both a local brick and mortar business and an online business we have a unique perspective on this.

As a small family business with a single physical store in College Park Orlando, I can certainly relate to the importance of this. Shopping local, especially smaller businesses, keeps the community and charm of an area alive. Target and Don Pablos are great, but let's not forget Bijou's Boutique and Paxia (let's all support Paxia, they have the best guacamole ever!). Smaller businesses often don't have the massive amounts of cash and credit to weather tougher economical times, that larger chains and corporations do. No one wants to see empty storefronts.

As the owner of an internet business, I still understand this local push. We work with local businesses on a somewhat larger scale. Instead of working with big factories in India and Pakistan, we work with small family businesses. The business we give them, directly impacts their local communities. We may sell worldwide, but we like to think of both our suppliers and our customers as part of our own little Beachcombers community. We've even had customers from all over the country include a visit to our store as a part of their Florida vacation plans!

Back to the filming itself...
The shoot was loads of fun and I think it showed off the store wonderfully. Thanks Erik and Scott!

We were lucky enough to have a couple of local customers drop in while walking their dogs. Thanks for being on camera with us ladies!

I was super excited to see a close up of Susan's Eyegams Mineral Pigments, and I loved all the great shots of our neighbors, Forever Young Floral Designs, Top Drawer, David's World Cycle, and Blades Salon.

Just wanted to share that bit of our excitement with you! I hope to see you at our local store, Beachcombers Bazaar, but if that's not convenient for you, visit us online at our website, www.ShopBeachcombers.com.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Henna 101 Class: Mehndi Workshop for Henna Beginners

Simply Henna Workshop: Mehndi Class
Henna 101: An in depth introduction to the basics of henna tattoos. Everything you need to be comfortable doing henna.

A hands on "how to" henna class for henna beginners to intermediate henna artists. Taught by Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and a smile. A comprehensive henna kit is provided. Feel free to bring henna you already have if you have questions about it.

When: Saturday March 28, 2009
5:00 - 7:00pm
Where: Beachcombers Bazaar
2525 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
Henna tattoos made easy for beginners.  Mehndi, the art of henna.
The workshop will cover...
  • Henna history & traditions
  • Different kinds of henna
  • Henna tattoo safety
  • How henna works (color & longevity)
  • Mixing henna basics
  • Try different application techniques
  • Henna aftercare and storage
  • Includes complete henna workshop kit
  • and more!

Cost: ONLY $35 per person
Cost includes workshop and complete henna workshop kit (no substitutions for kit products).
Additional product will be available for purchase after the workshop at discounted prices.

Payment must be made before the workshop by Visa, MasterCard, Money Order or Cash (cash accepted in person only).

Space is limited! Only 12 seats available.
This workshop will likely sell out, so don't delay.

Sorry no coupons or discounts are accepted for workshop registrations.
No refunds due to limited seating.

How To Register:

Print information here.

Questions? Email Jody
Directions Here