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Monday, March 16, 2009

Broken Glass Bangle Holders by Wabisabi Designs

Made with Beachcombers broken glass bangles, these fantastic tea light holders are spectacular!

Local Orlando artist and dancer, Violet of Wabisabi Designs, created these fantastic tea light holders using Beachcombers’ broken glass bangles. Each holder takes nearly 3 hours of painstaking handwork to complete. The perfect size and color of bangle pieces are pieced together like an artistic jigsaw puzzle to create a head-turning piece of useable art.

Don’t limit yourself to using this beautiful piece just for candles. They are too pretty to be useful for only one purpose!

  • pen or pencil cup
  • small vase
  • incense burner
  • makeup brushes
  • straw or utensil holder for parties
Available at Beachcombers Bazaar local College Park Store while supplies last.

Beachcombers Bazaar
2525 Edgewater Dr
Orlando FL 32804


  1. Hello Beachcombers see my previous comment in the post below, about showing more videos, Do you sell bangles that don't break easily, there are certain bangles in glass that are more firm and don't break easily or if broken they don't immediately shatter especially for a young child

  2. Thanks for the comment. Since our bangles are glass, I never suggest our bangles for young children, even the thicker sturdier bangles.

    I do have a huge selection of bangles and some are the heavier bangles, but most are the traditional thin glass bangles that are used in Violet's votive holders.

    If you need anything specific or would like a custom bangle set of only the thicker bangles, email me through the website or phone me on my direct line, 407-236-7878. I'm always happy to custom create bangle sets!