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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beachcombers Featured in the Orlando Sentinel!

We are proud to be featured on the front page of the Style & Tends section of the Orlando Sentinel newspaper today!

The article, "East Meets Zest", by Jean Patteson focuses on how Indian style is creeping into fashion everywhere and how you can incorporate a little Bollywood style into your wardrobe.

Patteson suggests some of the following for easy Bollywood Indian style...
She's right. Indian influence always has a place in fashion and never more than right now. It's easy to add a piece of the East to any wardrobe.

Try pairing Beachcombers Bazaar's khussa Indian shoes or a set of glass bangles with jeans and a cute top.

Wear a bindi body sticker at the corner of your eye or as a faux nose ring.

Stop by our College Park Store on Saturday and get a safe temporary henna tattoo. If you are not local, try one of our henna starter kits and create your own henna tattoos!

Take the plunge in exotic accessories!


  1. Hi, Jodi maybe it would be a great idea to post a 2-3 minute of you wearing different matching bangles and offering suggestions and color matching.

    Also how about wearing sterling silver diamond cut bangles with glass bangles and you talking about it and making a video.

    You could wear your bangles while showing a video about the different bangle stands you show in the store, show more videos, make the store more open and more personal to people who order online.

    Great concept , hope you take my suggestions to light and good luck.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for taking the time to give us such a great suggestion.

    We are in the process of creating some short videos right now. There is a link to our first video on our products page here, http://www.beachcombersbazaar.com/products.htm.

    We'll be adding more to come, including instructional videos. I'll be sure to add mixing and matching glass bangles to the list!

    Thanks again!