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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gypsy Festival 2009: Fiesta Gitana

It's that time again! This Saturday is the annual Gypsy Festival by Gypsy Circle Productions and Nina's Botanica and Boutique.

This event is always an absolute ball! I am bummed out that we have to miss it this year, but hopefully you can go and have fun for us.

Check out an amazing Gypsy Market featuring art, jewelry, fabrics,clothing, music, henna, fortune telling, and food! Enjoy live dance and music performances and a fashion show by Florida Tribal Dance. Belly dance, tribal dance, flamenco, Hungarian, and Indian dance will be there!

It's ONLY $10 for this show!

Saturday, August 1
12:00 - 6:30
The Grand Ballroom at Hawthorn Suites
(near Orlando International Airport)
7450 Augusta National Dr., Orlando FL

Have fun!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Henna Tattoo on a Bet!

Melissa lost a bet with her fiancee playing a game of pool. The bet was that the loser would get the winner's name tattooed on their body. Though, she is typically the better pool player, Melissa lost this round.

...or did she?

The exact words that were used for the bet was she had to "get a tattoo of his name on her body". Since there was no specifications other than that, Melissa outsmarted her fiance and got a henna tattoo!

Henna is a permanent stain and does not fade away. The "fading" of the tattoo is actually your skin cells exfoliating off.

Melissa came in the shop last week for a henna tattoo of her fiancee's last name. The tattoo was to be 4-6 inches high and on her lower back. It turned out to be fabulous!

She picked out a style of letters that she wanted and we made a few changes with some of the letters. We made the design a bit smaller in the center widening as it expanded to both sides. The entire henna design was free-hand.

Enjoy your spoils, Melissa!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Sign and Awnings for Beachcombers Bazaar!

WOW! I found a blog article that I forgot to post! Better late than never, lol!

What do you think of our sign and awnings at our retail store in College Park Orlando? It certainly makes the store easier to find.

Bright purple awnings are on the Edgewater Dr. window and the Bryn Mawr St window.

Our fabulous new sign over the front door is gorgeous lit up at night, and how about the henna inspired designs above it? It works beautifully with the hand painted henna designs inside the store!

Look closely and you will see our logo eyes "etched" on the windows.

We must send out a BIG "thank you" to Angela, Julie, and the rest of the team at Vital Signs Orlando for the amazing work! If you need a sign for your business, consider this a rousing endorsement for Vital Signs. Not only are they beautifully creative, but their work is top notch and they are incredibly professional.

Let us know what you think!

Yea! New Indian Shoes!

You've been waiting for the new khussa styles, yes? Woo Hoo! They are here and ready to be purchased!

All new colors and styles including the long awaited white bridal khussa shoes!

Size 5 Indian Shoes
Size 6 Indian Shoes
Size 7 Indian Shoes
Size 8 Indian Shoes
Size 9 Indian Shoes
Size 10 Indian Shoes
Size 11 Indian Shoes
We've done something new and exciting with this new order of khussa flats. We've added a small cushion between the bottom leather sole and the inside leather sole. To accommodate the extra cushion, we've increase the length of the khussa flats by about 1/8the of an inch. This means instead of a size 6 shoe fitting a 5.5-6, a size 6 shoe fits 6-6.5.

We'd love to hear feedback about if you like this better than our traditional style shoes.

Happy Shoe Shopping!