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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yea! New Indian Shoes!

You've been waiting for the new khussa styles, yes? Woo Hoo! They are here and ready to be purchased!

All new colors and styles including the long awaited white bridal khussa shoes!

Size 5 Indian Shoes
Size 6 Indian Shoes
Size 7 Indian Shoes
Size 8 Indian Shoes
Size 9 Indian Shoes
Size 10 Indian Shoes
Size 11 Indian Shoes
We've done something new and exciting with this new order of khussa flats. We've added a small cushion between the bottom leather sole and the inside leather sole. To accommodate the extra cushion, we've increase the length of the khussa flats by about 1/8the of an inch. This means instead of a size 6 shoe fitting a 5.5-6, a size 6 shoe fits 6-6.5.

We'd love to hear feedback about if you like this better than our traditional style shoes.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

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