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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glass Bangles: The Perfect Fit for Any Style

Glass bangle bracelets
5 SURPRISE Indian Glass Bangle Sets
Only $39.99
If you’re searching for an elegant and simply stunning accessory, Indian glass bangles are for you. Glass bangles are available in every color – including gold and silver, so they’re the perfect match for any outfit. Wear them at a wedding, a party or another event!

Real glass bangles made from shiny, high quality glass have a distinctive jingling sound when worn, unlike cheap bangles made from plastic. Whenever I wear these real glass bangles, I receive a lot of compliments as soon as people hear the musical tinkling of the glass clinking together. I am constantly asked where I got them because people just can’t wait to get some of these stylish and unique bangles for themselves.

Sometimes when I tell people that these bangles are made from real glass, they wonder how the glass doesn’t shatter when the bangles clink together. I always assure them that these glass bangles are incredibly sturdy. You’ll never have to worry about them being damaged during shipping, while you wear them, or even if you accidentally drop them.

Handmade Glass Bangles of Unmatched Quality! 


One of the reasons that these bangles are so gorgeous is that they are handmade. All of Beachcombers’ beautiful glass bangle bracelets are made with love by a small family business in Pakistan. You can really see the time, care and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing these colored glass bangles. Unlike many of the cheap bangles that are sold in malls, there is a real sense of elegance to these bangles. The quality craftsmanship is apparent from the moment that you lay eyes on them.

You can wear these glass bangles in a wide variety of settings. They are elegant enough to be worn with a dress for more formal occasions, yet versatile enough to get pair with a casual top and some jeans. Anytime is a good time to slip on some of these awesome glass bangles! They are especially popular for weddings and even come in a special larger size for wedding outfits. And don’t worry about these colored bracelets clashing with any clothes; you can choose them in a whole rainbow of colors so that you always have something that matches.

The best part about these bangles is that they fit so well! You can choose from Small, Medium/Large, or even Extra Large to fit your exact wrist size. That way, you can choose a bangle that won’t fall off, but still fit perfectly on you. Finding your size is easy. Beachcombers not only offers a sizing kit, but a printable pdf option too!

I love these glass bangles, and you will too. Try a pair for yourself or give the gift set to a friend or loved one!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Shipping Schedule

Keep our Christmas shipping schedule in mind, so you have great Beachcombers gifts under the tree in time for Christmas.

Christmas ScheduleStandard ShippingQuicker ShippingExpress Shipping
Domestic USAWednesday Dec 18Friday Dec 20Sunday Dec 22
InternationalMonday Dec 9Thursday Dec 12Tuesday Dec 17

We have extended our FREE Shipping sale until December 20, so don't wait...order today!

FREE Shipping Offers!
Domestic Orders $50 or More
(Good until Cyber Monday, December 2)
~ Florida Orders $40 or More
~ US Military AA, AE, AP Address
Extended Return Policy
Be confident purchasing holiday gifts.
Our return policy is currently extended until January 30, 2014.
Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Incorporate Henna into Your Event

Make Your Next Event Memorable With Henna!

Make your next party or event one no one will forget. Simply add henna! Incorporating henna tattoos into your event will provide hours of entertainment and unique fun! You may be wondering how to use henna for a group, and more importantly, what henna is and how it works. With a couple of recommendations below you will be using henna with ease.
how to design temporary henna tattoos


What Is Henna?

Henna, or mendhi, is a natural plant-based emulsion that is used to temporarily decorate the skin. It is derived from the henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis, where the leaves are dried and ground into a powder used to make henna paste. It is very popular in India and other eastern cultures as a form of tradition and entertainment during events such as weddings and festivals. Though henna is often thought of as being Indian, henna tattoos have become a part of our everyday culture here in America. Henna is done on everyone, of all ages and all cultures.

If Henna Is For Everyone Then How Do You Use It?

Birthday or bachelorette parties are great places for henna tattoos. Let each guest design temporary tattoos then take turns applying the henna patterns. This makes for hours of endless entertainment. Henna can be applied to both men and women so all guests can participate in having it done. If you have leftovers, send them home as party favors or freeze the henna until your next event.

Along with birthday parties, henna tattoos are great for use at a festival or cultural fair. You can set up a booth or table area and design temporary henna tattoos for everyone. With Beachcombers pre-made patterns for designs, you can apply henna quickly and easily on lots of people. Whether you are participating in raising money for charity, participating in a cultural fair or practicing your henna tattooing skills, henna is the perfect medium for events with lots of people.

Are you ready to get started? Beachcombers has affordable henna tattoo kits in party packs that are complete with all of the supplies needed to apply temporary henna tattoos. The kits are easy to use and contain supplies including the henna powder (or paste), oil, applicator bottles and much more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced henna tattoo artist, our kits will help you successfully incorporate henna into your event.

Henna Design Ebooks
Henna Design Ebooks

 Only $0.99-$6.99

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Bindi Body Sticker Sale!

Stocking Stuffer Sale!

TODAY, buy 5 bindi and get 25% off all of them!

Everyone likes something sparkly and fun during the holidays, and what could be better than colorful Indian bindi body stickers to fill that need?

Here are my top 3 holiday used for bindi body stickers...

  • Stocking Stuffers
    Cheap, small, sparkly, and fun! Bindi are ideal for unique stocking stuffers.
  • Holiday Party Giveaways
    Bindi make fantastic unique stocking stuffers, but my favorite holiday use for them is as giveaways on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. I walk around with a handful of bindis in my purse and give them away to women, men, girls, boys, pets, whomever wants one!
  • Gift Card and Gift Certificate Stuffers
    Make the gift cards you give a bit more special and much more personal but popping a bindi pack into the gift card envelope.

Christmas ScheduleStandard ShippingQuicker ShippingExpress Shipping
Domestic USAWednesday Dec 18Friday Dec 20Sunday Dec 22
InternationalMonday Dec 9Thursday Dec 12Tuesday Dec 17

We guarantee delivery by Christmas or we'll refund your shipping.

Buy Bindi Body Stickers Today!

May your holiday be sparkly!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Knock Her Socks Off! Unique Bangle Gifts for Her!

Who really wants yet another basket from Bath & Body works? Give her something special that shows you put some thought into your gift. Don't worry...we'll do the real work for you!

These great glass bangle gifts will knock her stockings off. We'll custom create bangle sets that work beautifully together so she can mix and match bangles all year long! All you need to do is pick the gift you want to give that fits your budget. 

Bangle of the Month Club
Only $79.99 - 159.99

  Shop ALL our Holiday Specials TODAY!

FREE SHIPPING when you spend $50 or more!
For Domestic Delivery By Christmas Free Upgraded Shipping Express Shipping
Order By Noon EST... Friday, December 20 Monday, Dec 23

All orders placed through Dec 20th will automatically be upgraded to expedited shipping at no additional charge!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Beachcombers Holiday Door Buster One-Day-Only Sales!

Woop! We have created some crazy good deals for you this Holiday shopping season.

Each special is good for one day only, while supplies last, so MARK YOUR CALENDER!

Nov 28

Metal Box &
2 Bangle Sets

48.99 - 29.99
Black Friday
Nov 29

Bangle Display Stand

36.99 - 19.99
Small Biz Sat
Nov 30

Our Most Popular Earrings

29.99 - 19.99
Dec 1

Henna Design eBook

9.99 - 1.99
Cyber Monday
Dec 2

Big Bad
Henna Kit

42.99 - 29.99

Go to Beachcombers Bazaar and 

Click on "Deal Of the Day" to take advantage of these deals.

These great deals can be combined with our FREE shipping deals to save you even more money.

Peace to you during this CRAZY weekend!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Small Business Saturday Shopping

Small Business Saturday is starting to catch on!

Originally started by American Express in 2010, using great subsidies such as $10-25 credits by shopping small businesses and paying with your American Express card on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

It's GREAT to get holiday shoppers thinking about spending some of their shopping budget at small businesses. Small businesses spend a much larger percentage of sales back in their own local community. Small businesses often run on a MUCH smaller profit margin and don't benefit from the big discounts that Big Box stores get.

As consumers, we need to support these small businesses that are the backbone of our communities across the nation when choosing where to spend our money this holiday season.

Let's not limit shopping small businesses to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Let's keep them in mind this Holiday season and all year round!

In that spirit I'm going to share some ideas with you!
Many are local to Orlando, but some are online or offer shipping.

  • Florida Tribal Dance
    Orlando and Shipping Options
    This is my favorite dance studio! You can purchase class tickets, shirts, or totes with their fabulous logo.
  • Balance Massage
    This is hands-down the BEST massage for health studio in Orlando. They offer gift certificates!
  • Inner Image Ink
    What better gift than a gift certificate to get a tattoo for the New Year!
  • Andrea's Quality Cheesecake
    Orlando and Shipping Options
    WOW! I just discovered this gem just a mile from our offices. They offer REAL New York style cheesecake. Do you know what I mean? I'm not talking about the creamy super sweet Cheesecake Factory style cheese cake. I'm talking about real cheese cake that is a bit crumbly with a smooth subtle texture...YUM!

    Take one of Andrea's cheesecakes to your next holiday gathering and you will be the HIT of the party!
  • Perpetual Vogue Tattoo Apparel
    Online Store Shipping Options
    The BEST in rocker clothing I've seen! The owner/buyer has an AMAZING eye. Find great items for both men and women. I love their Pin-Up style clothing!
  • Modern Grace
    Orlando (Edgewater Drive in College Park)
    The best dress shop in Orlando! This is where you should get your Christmas party dress and your New Year's Eve dress. Great style at GREAT prices.
  • Gallery On the Edge
    Orlando (Edgewater Drive in College Park)
    This is the coolest shop that is packed with awesome work done by local artists. Annmarie, the potter we used to have in our store has work here. You will cross multiple names off your shopping list here.
  • Glass Blasted
    Online Store Shipping Options
    This is one great online store that offers the most unique designs sand blasted onto glasses. If you have some that you don't know what to get for them, go here!
  • Holy Clothing
    Online Store Shipping Options
    Lovely romantic flowing clothing. Our khussa shoes look GREAT with their clothing!
We, Beachcombers Bazaar, are also a small business and I hope you'll think of us when choosing where to spend your hard-earned money this holiday season.

Shop Small!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pre-Holiday Sale with FREE Shipping!

Free Shipping on Henna Orders over $50
Until November 25!
Thanksgiving is late this year and leaves only 3 weeks before Christmas. This means we need to get on the shopping ball!

I know that Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday typically has everyone tied up with the big stores and all those crazy sales, so I've decided to offer you a pre-sale to avoid the rush!

Today through November 25...

  • FREE shipping on domestic orders over $50!
  • FREE shipping to Military addresses
  • FREE shipping for Florida orders over $40
  • Buy 4 Glass Bangle Sets, Get 1 Free!
  • Select Highlighted Products
  • Extended Return Policy until January 30

Indian glass bangle holiday sale
Glass Bangle Sale

Shop Our Holiday Specials Page for Great Gift Ideas!

I've selected some of our most popular gifts to highlight including easy-to-use henna kits in every budget, some fantastic glass bangle specials, our most popular fake taper earrings, and stocking stiffer bindi body stickers.

Happy Holidays to YOU!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Henna Downloads for Fall Henna Class

Beautiful henna fillers on feet
Traditional Henna Fillers

Henna Downloads and Templates

Thanks again to all of my fall quarter henna students. I promised that I would add the leaf fillers template and the empty box template to our Free Downloads page so you could keep practicing, so here they are...

Free Henna Printable Downloads

  • Leaf Shape Fillers Template
  • Blank Box Template
  • How to Roll Henna Cones
  • Updated Version of Free Template eBook

There are 14 free henna downloads available.

For those of you that weren't at the henna workshop, the leaf and box templates are specifically so you can practice henna fillers. The blank box template is also nice for practicing common henna combos (combinations of the basic core elements of henna designs) and for practicing mini designs.

I hope this helps!
Henna On!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Easy Holiday Shopping with Extended Return Policy

Extended return policy for the holidays by Beachcombers
Holiday Shopping Easier!
You are shopping small businesses, this holiday season, right? Great! As a very small...make that micro...business, we thank you!

To make your holiday shopping a bit more easy with Beachcombers, we've extended our 30 day return policy to January 30. That way your giftee doesn't have to deal with a return or exchange right away.

Take you time... Enjoy the New Year! When you are ready later in January, we are here to make sure you love your gift!

Check out some of our other Holiday goodies!

We are equal-opportunity well-wishers...
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!
Merry Kwanza! Joyous Yule! Happy New Year! 

Jody and Asad (the entirety of Beachcombers Bazaar)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Henna Classes and Workshops a Success!

Ahhhh! Falll! This past Saturday was the Fall Quarter Henna U Extension Classes at Beachcombers Henna Studio. Two henna classes were available this past Fall Quarter including the Simply Henna 101 workshop and the Henna Fillers Lab, and what classes they were!

A huge thank you to the wonderful group of henna students that were dynamic and involved.

This was the first time in six years that the Henna 101 class did not sell out. This means I had a bit of extra time in the workshop, so I added an entire section about henna styles to the workshop. What a GREAT workshop it made!

I was so caught up in teaching that I completely forgot to take pictures, so my apologies for that oversight.

Learn the science and art of henna at Henna 101.
Basic Henna Concepts from Henna 101 Workshop

The Simply Henna 101 Workshop

This class covered henna safety (in depth), the science of henna, henna mixology, and the art of henna. The art of henna included the basic core henna elements and vocabulary and how to create your own henna stories. Using actual henna, we learned to create symmetry & circles with henna and the concept of build-out to create flow within henna designs. We also learned to identifiy the different henna styles including Indian henna, Arabic henna, Indo-Arabic henna, Moroccan henna, Mauritanian henna, and Gulf style henna.

All that in THREE hours! We even had plenty of demos such as adding sugar to henna, getting the proper texture,  how to stain henna paste, and how to roll cellophane cones. Whew! You guys made it and did great!
Henna Fillers Lab teaches the proper use of henna fillers.
Henna Fillers In Use!

The Henna Fillers Lab

This class brought out the DOM in my personality, lol! Practice, practice practice...The best way to learn is to actually do henna. Remember when you discovered that rainbow fillers were quicker than scale fillers? Light bulb moment!

We covered Indian fillers, how to create grids, quick fillers, and unique out-side-the-box fillers. It was and intense hour and a half...ok...so an hour and 45 minutes, as we did go a bit long...

Henna University and Henna U Extension Classes

Don't worry if you missed our fabulous fall extension classes. We have more! Our two day Henna University conference in February is sold out but we do have the Primer Class available. The Primer class will be heavy on mixology and the basic core henna elements.

I offer Henna U extension classes once (occasionally twice) a quarter. These will always include the Simply Henna 101 workshop followed by a Henna Technique Lab. Expect these in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter Quarter is always the Henna University conference.

Sign up for our email list and/or Like us on Facebook to be informed on future henna classes. As soon as classes are available for registration, buy your ticket right away! The Henna U 2014 sold out in 11 days and typically the Simply Henna 101 sells out within 2 weeks.

Continuing education is important for anything you do. Keep up your skills and continue to add new exciting additions to your henna vocabulary. I try to attend at least one henna conference a year. This makes me a better henna artist and a better henna instructor.

Henna On!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Khussa Indian Shoes are In!

Have you been waiting for our new khussa Indian shoes?
The wait is over!

White and ivory beaded bridal wedding flats in a pretty Indian shoe style.
Bridal Wedding Khussa Indian Shoes

The newest Indian shoe order has arrived and they are spectacular. This order of handmade shoes has top-notch quality and has a great selection.

For all you brides that have been waiting for ivory flats...you are in luck!

We have THREE styles to shop in warm white/ivory khussa shoes. There are some wonderful cool white wedding shoes in this order as well.  All our bridal wedding shoes are available in sizes 6-12. 

Remember, only 24 of each pair are made each the style is retired. This doesn't mean 24 size 6 and 24 size 7, this means a TOTAL of only 24 shoes. If you see something you like, do NOT wait. Buy them now. I have a list of brides that have been waiting for these shoes because their size was sold out when they wanted them. Don't let that be you!

There are some gorgeous bright colors including, by request, lime green khussa and teal Indian flats. I'm excited that we have brought back an elegant dark red pair of khussa shoes that is perfect for the season. Bright purple shoes are BACK too!

Have some fun shopping our new khussa shoes! Take advantage of the free shipping options available. We offer free shipping on orders over $100, Florida orders over $40, and valid Military addresses.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rihanna's Henna Style Hand Tattoo

Rihann's Henna Inspired Hand Tattoo
Rihanna's New Henna-Inspired Hand Tattoo Photo by BangBangNYC

Rihanna updates her traditional Maori Style tattoo with a henna inspired tattoo.

Recently Rihanna put traditional New Zeland Maori tattoos in the spotlight by getting a Maori tattoo using the traditional mallet and chisel method.

It's always great when conversations are started about traditional art that is not in the mainstream vernacular. Rihanna's You Tube video of her getting that Maori tattoo exposed people to this art that would have never known about it otherwise.

Apparently Rihanna didn't quite love her new body art and decided to modify it by adding a henna style tattoo design over the Maori tattoo. It's a lovely design that uses some of the basic henna elements to create a feminine look. The tattoo uses traditional black tattoo ink instead of a red brown color that is the color of actual henna.

Her new henna-inspired piece of body art uses traditional Indian style fillers and outline techniques. The wrist cuff is a common practice in henna designs for both Indian, Arabic and Moroccan henna styles.

The original Maori tattoo was done in New Zealand. The henna inspired addition was done in the Dominican Republic.

Rihanna is getting some flak over covering part of the original design, saying it's disrespectful to cover the Maori piece. What do you think?

Is it disrespectful of the original tattoo?  Is it disrespectful of henna? Is this cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation? Is it a good thing that she's brought  these concerns into the minds of people that wouldn't have thought about it before? These are good conversations to have!

Rihanna has a new henna inspired hand tattoo.
Rihanna gets a henna inspired tattoo to add to her Maori hand tattoo.
A special note, again, this is not actual henna. This is a real permanent tattoo. Real henna is a red/brown color, never black. When using henna be sure you are only using SAFE natural henna products.

You can learn more about real henna at The Henna Learning Center.

Henna On!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dark Color Henna Tattoo Stain by Sarah

Dark Color Henna Tattoo Stain from ORa Henna Powder

Extra dark color henna tattoo stain using ORa Henna Powder
Sarah's work using ORa Henna Powder for color
Check out Sarah's gorgeous henna work! She was inspired after the Henna Guild in Orlando meeting last week and created this lovely henna fusion piece.

Sarah, of ColorBurnt, is a true artist by nature so it's not surprising that henna is coming quickly to her.

To get a dark henna stain like this, Sarah used Beachcombers ORa henna powder along with tea tree and lavender oil (the ORa Henna and Oil Combo Pack). She left the henna paste on overnight which helps deepen the henna color, as more layers of skin cells are stained with henna.

The henna stain started off a nice orange color and darkened over a couple of days to this deep red/brown color.

Sarah has been perfecting her henna recipe for a couple of years now.  I'd say she has it!

Henna starts off orange, then darkens to a red brown color over a couple of days
Henna Stain Day 1...

Getting the perfect texture can take some time, trial, and error, but once you get that perfect henna texture and consistent dark color henna stains, there is nothing quite like it!

Well done Sarah!  I can't wait to watch you grow as a henna artist!

Learn more about henna and getting dark color henna stains as The Henna Learning Center.

If you want to try henna yourself, try the ORa Essential Henna Kit. It contains the same henna powder and essential oils that Sarah used along with other henna accessories to make doing henna easy for a beginner.

Henna On!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Henna Designs at the Orlando Henna Guild

Henna Artists Guild of Orlando

Gorgeous colorful sugar cookies decorated in henna designs
Henna Decorated Sugar Cookies by Ena of The Henna Studio

Great Halloween henna design by Sarah on Courtney
Sarah and Courtney having henna fun!
 How fun was last night's meeting?! Ena brought henna cookies...what more could we possibly need? We've worked out some details for a December cookie decorating meeting at Ena's place. We will decorate sugar cookies henna-style! Go to the Florida Henna Artist Group on Facebook to let us know what date works best for you.

We missed those of you that couldn't make it, but we have pictures!

Sarah got a personal henna cone rolling lesson...times 3! We did some fun Halloween henna on each other, stuffed ourselves with pizza and cookies, admired a gorgeous sunset, read spirit cards, talked Ena into going on a cruise, and talked business. All in all it was a great meeting!

Let the fun begin of the Henna Guild meeting!
Let the Halloween Henna fun begin!
 This meeting was at Beachcombers Offices and Henna Studio.

Halloween henna skull design
Jody's Halloween Henna on Ena

Halloween spider web henna design
Sarah's Halloween Henna on Courtney

Lovely mandala henna design at the Henna Guild
Zulay's mandala henna on Victoria

Ena's lovely fusion henna design on Zulay
Ena with a gorgeous henna design on Zulay
We offer all the henna products used at the Guild meeting both locally and worldwide.

See you next meeting!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Henna U 2014: Bridal Bootcamp

Announcing Henna U 2014: Bridal Bootcamp with Neeta Sharma!

Learn the art of Indian bridal henna at this hands-on 2 day henna workshop.
Learn the Art of Bridal Henna
That is correct...we are featuring world-renowned Neeta Sharma, Maharani Wedding's Mehndi Artist of the Year! Neeta will be teaching FIVE hands-on henna workshops over two days.

Learn bridal henna even if you are a beginner. Join us February 22-23 for 2 days of henna immersion in super small classes of only 14 people to give you plenty of one-on-one time. A total of 8 workshops will be taught by Neeta, End Rodriquez of The Henna Studio, Jody of Beachcombers (me!), and  Asad of Beachcombers.

Our focus for Henna U 2014 is bridal work (of course...we do have Neeta Sharma as a featured instructor). Start with the basics and work your way up to traditional Indian bridal work. In addition, you will learn Indo-Arabic bridal henna, henna bridal figures, peacocks, and sangeet mehndi designs.

Ena will be showing us the ins-and-outs of adding bling to our henna designs, and I will be focusing on the Anatomy of a Henna Design to give you a foundation for the entire conference. Asad will teach you the important parts of doing henna as a business in a easy-to-understand way.
Neeta will teach the art of Indian bridal henna at Henna U 2014: Bridal Bootcamp
Indian Henna Bridal Design by Neeta Sharma
Henna University is appropriate for both new henna artists and professional henna artists. If you are brand new to henna, we have a separate Henna U Primer class available February 21 for only $20. It will cover henna mixology and the henna basic elements which you will need to know for Henna U: Bridal Bootcamp.

ONLY 14 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Sign up for Henna U 2014 today!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Henna Learning Center

Learn How To Create Henna Tattoos

Learn how to create henna tattoos at The Henna Learning Center
Learn How to Henna
Have you seen our new Henna Learning Center yet? We have taken our most popular and relevant henna information and condensed it into one easy-to-navigate place...the Henna Learning Center.

  • How to Mix Henna
    Learn how to mix dark staining henna paste using a couple of different recipes. Printable instructions are available.
  • Hair Henna
    Learn all about using henna as a hair dye. Get the benefits of hennaing your hair, how much henna you will need to for you hair, and general color ranges. An easy recipe for hair henna and a henna gloss can be printed.
  • New to Henna?
    Get the basics of henna here along with the science of how henna works in easy-to-understand English.
  • Henna How To...
    Learn how to do everything henna including how to apply henna, how to make a henna sealer, how to care for a henna tattoo, how to store henna, how to roll henna cones, how to strain henna...
  • Henna Safety
    Natural henna is one of safest substances on earth. Educate yourself about the dangers of "black henna" and adulterated henna. Learn about a couple of rare disorders that can make henna dangerous, and why we never henna infants.
  • Trouble Shooting for Mehndi
    Find out where you are going wrong and how to fix it!
  • Henna University
    We offer henna workshops and classes in Orlando, FL on a regular basis.
  • Henna Product Questions
    Not sure which applicator bottle is for you or which henna powder you should get? Find out here!
  • Free Henna Downloads
    Useful downloads about henna are available free.
It's great to be able to take a workshop to learn henna, but you can easily learn henna on your own! We are here to make learning henna easy!

Henna On!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bangle Bracelet Stands & Displays

Woop! Our new order of wood bangle display stands are here and ready to buy!

Bangle bracelet stands are handmade in India of wood.
Wooden Bangle Display Stands
Show off your glass bangles in style with these hand carved wooden bracelet stands.
There are 10 styles to shop and our popular wall-hanging bangle display is back. Both wooden six bar stands and eight bar stands are in stock along with our cute tree bangle displays. We have two different wood stains available.

Though we source these especially for our clients to keep their glass bangles safely displayed and stored, these are very popular as store or festival bangle displays. Instead of boring velvet bangle rack fixtures, these hand carved wood stands will attract attention and set you apart from everyone else.

Cute wood bangle tree to show off your glass bangles.
Wood Tree Bangle Display
Our wooden bangle racks are handmade in India especially for us per our designs. The small family owned business that makes our designs uses responsibly harvested mango wood and still uses handwork to create these lovely pieces.

Get yours while we still have a great selection.  They are made in limited quantities!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Have Henna at Your Party

Want to have a great party? Yes, please! It's simple...add henna tattoos. Mehndi or the art of henna is a great way to make your party memorable AND it won't cost you an arm and a leg.
Easy and Fun Henna Party for the Girls
Henna for Everyone!

Top 10 Reasons to Have Henna at Your Party

  1. Guests get a take-home gift in the form of a gorgeous piece of body art that will last a week or more...no need for a goodie bag! 
  2. No one will forget your party. It will go down in your friends' history's as "remember that great henna party so-and-so threw?" and be talked about for years to come.
  3. Henna is packed with positive energy so it gives the entire party a good vibe.
  4. Instant celebration! Throughout the world henna is used as a way to celebrate and bring blessings. 
  5. Henna adds an element of exotic culture, making you look very worldly.
  6. It gives your guest something to talk about, which is especially important if they haven't met before. Henna is the best ice-breaker ever!
  7. It smells good! 
  8. Henna is interactive. One person can henna everyone at the party or your guests can henna each other.
  9. We have easy-to-use henna kits that make doing henna simple. You can mix your own henna or buy henna that is already mixed and ready to use.
  10. You get serious bang for your buck! A Fun & Easy Henna Kit will give you about 30 henna tattoos and it's only $14.99.
Party on!