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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Henna Learning Center

Learn How To Create Henna Tattoos

Learn how to create henna tattoos at The Henna Learning Center
Learn How to Henna
Have you seen our new Henna Learning Center yet? We have taken our most popular and relevant henna information and condensed it into one easy-to-navigate place...the Henna Learning Center.

  • How to Mix Henna
    Learn how to mix dark staining henna paste using a couple of different recipes. Printable instructions are available.
  • Hair Henna
    Learn all about using henna as a hair dye. Get the benefits of hennaing your hair, how much henna you will need to for you hair, and general color ranges. An easy recipe for hair henna and a henna gloss can be printed.
  • New to Henna?
    Get the basics of henna here along with the science of how henna works in easy-to-understand English.
  • Henna How To...
    Learn how to do everything henna including how to apply henna, how to make a henna sealer, how to care for a henna tattoo, how to store henna, how to roll henna cones, how to strain henna...
  • Henna Safety
    Natural henna is one of safest substances on earth. Educate yourself about the dangers of "black henna" and adulterated henna. Learn about a couple of rare disorders that can make henna dangerous, and why we never henna infants.
  • Trouble Shooting for Mehndi
    Find out where you are going wrong and how to fix it!
  • Henna University
    We offer henna workshops and classes in Orlando, FL on a regular basis.
  • Henna Product Questions
    Not sure which applicator bottle is for you or which henna powder you should get? Find out here!
  • Free Henna Downloads
    Useful downloads about henna are available free.
It's great to be able to take a workshop to learn henna, but you can easily learn henna on your own! We are here to make learning henna easy!

Henna On!

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