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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Henna U 2014: Bridal Bootcamp

Announcing Henna U 2014: Bridal Bootcamp with Neeta Sharma!

Learn the art of Indian bridal henna at this hands-on 2 day henna workshop.
Learn the Art of Bridal Henna
That is correct...we are featuring world-renowned Neeta Sharma, Maharani Wedding's Mehndi Artist of the Year! Neeta will be teaching FIVE hands-on henna workshops over two days.

Learn bridal henna even if you are a beginner. Join us February 22-23 for 2 days of henna immersion in super small classes of only 14 people to give you plenty of one-on-one time. A total of 8 workshops will be taught by Neeta, End Rodriquez of The Henna Studio, Jody of Beachcombers (me!), and  Asad of Beachcombers.

Our focus for Henna U 2014 is bridal work (of course...we do have Neeta Sharma as a featured instructor). Start with the basics and work your way up to traditional Indian bridal work. In addition, you will learn Indo-Arabic bridal henna, henna bridal figures, peacocks, and sangeet mehndi designs.

Ena will be showing us the ins-and-outs of adding bling to our henna designs, and I will be focusing on the Anatomy of a Henna Design to give you a foundation for the entire conference. Asad will teach you the important parts of doing henna as a business in a easy-to-understand way.
Neeta will teach the art of Indian bridal henna at Henna U 2014: Bridal Bootcamp
Indian Henna Bridal Design by Neeta Sharma
Henna University is appropriate for both new henna artists and professional henna artists. If you are brand new to henna, we have a separate Henna U Primer class available February 21 for only $20. It will cover henna mixology and the henna basic elements which you will need to know for Henna U: Bridal Bootcamp.

ONLY 14 SPOTS AVAILABLE! Sign up for Henna U 2014 today!

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