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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Henna Designs at the Orlando Henna Guild

Henna Artists Guild of Orlando

Gorgeous colorful sugar cookies decorated in henna designs
Henna Decorated Sugar Cookies by Ena of The Henna Studio

Great Halloween henna design by Sarah on Courtney
Sarah and Courtney having henna fun!
 How fun was last night's meeting?! Ena brought henna cookies...what more could we possibly need? We've worked out some details for a December cookie decorating meeting at Ena's place. We will decorate sugar cookies henna-style! Go to the Florida Henna Artist Group on Facebook to let us know what date works best for you.

We missed those of you that couldn't make it, but we have pictures!

Sarah got a personal henna cone rolling lesson...times 3! We did some fun Halloween henna on each other, stuffed ourselves with pizza and cookies, admired a gorgeous sunset, read spirit cards, talked Ena into going on a cruise, and talked business. All in all it was a great meeting!

Let the fun begin of the Henna Guild meeting!
Let the Halloween Henna fun begin!
 This meeting was at Beachcombers Offices and Henna Studio.

Halloween henna skull design
Jody's Halloween Henna on Ena

Halloween spider web henna design
Sarah's Halloween Henna on Courtney

Lovely mandala henna design at the Henna Guild
Zulay's mandala henna on Victoria

Ena's lovely fusion henna design on Zulay
Ena with a gorgeous henna design on Zulay
We offer all the henna products used at the Guild meeting both locally and worldwide.

See you next meeting!

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