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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dark Color Henna Tattoo Stain by Sarah

Dark Color Henna Tattoo Stain from ORa Henna Powder

Extra dark color henna tattoo stain using ORa Henna Powder
Sarah's work using ORa Henna Powder for color
Check out Sarah's gorgeous henna work! She was inspired after the Henna Guild in Orlando meeting last week and created this lovely henna fusion piece.

Sarah, of ColorBurnt, is a true artist by nature so it's not surprising that henna is coming quickly to her.

To get a dark henna stain like this, Sarah used Beachcombers ORa henna powder along with tea tree and lavender oil (the ORa Henna and Oil Combo Pack). She left the henna paste on overnight which helps deepen the henna color, as more layers of skin cells are stained with henna.

The henna stain started off a nice orange color and darkened over a couple of days to this deep red/brown color.

Sarah has been perfecting her henna recipe for a couple of years now.  I'd say she has it!

Henna starts off orange, then darkens to a red brown color over a couple of days
Henna Stain Day 1...

Getting the perfect texture can take some time, trial, and error, but once you get that perfect henna texture and consistent dark color henna stains, there is nothing quite like it!

Well done Sarah!  I can't wait to watch you grow as a henna artist!

Learn more about henna and getting dark color henna stains as The Henna Learning Center.

If you want to try henna yourself, try the ORa Essential Henna Kit. It contains the same henna powder and essential oils that Sarah used along with other henna accessories to make doing henna easy for a beginner.

Henna On!

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