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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Henna eBooks!

Popular request has won me over and I've created some henna design eBooks for purchase!

Currently we have 2 eBooks offered with more on the way.

Design and Information eBook
Henna Basics & Beyond: The Science and Art of Henna This eBook is specially designed to help you learn the vocabulary of henna tattoo designs by breaking down designs into the basic elements of henna design. A variety of complete designs using these henna elements from easy basic designs to moderate level henna designs.

It includes 4 pages of henna information about the science and art of mehndi, a page of basic henna design elements, 2 pages of henna design fillers, and 13 pages with full hand designs. Individual henna designs are also scattered throughout the book. There are 25 total printable pages.

If you are new henna artist, this eBook is a must-have (especially at only $6.99!). There are also some great designs for more advanced henna artists and great festival style henna designs.
Design and Information eBook
Henna Festival & Fundraiser:  Easy and Fun Henna Designs
This eBook is specially designed to be used for events such as fundraisers or festivals, with the beginning henna artist in mind.  The henna designs in this design book are quick and easy to create  It's packed full of information to help the henna newbie through their first few events.

The Henna Fundraiser eBook includes 4 pages of henna information about the basics of henna and tips for doing mehndi for an event setting, including pricing and set up suggestions.  There are 5 pages of small individual henna designs and 35 individual easy hand henna designs.  There are 32 total printable pages.

If you are new to henna and doing an event (whether it's a fundraiser, festival, or party) this is the eBook for you.

This is just the start, so get your Beachcombers Henna eBook collection started!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Helpful Henna Download

I've added a new henna sign on our free henna downloads page at our henna help site, www.ShopHenna.com!

It's a standard 8.5x11" sign with henna aftercare info. 

Just another fun thing to make doing henna easier for you!

Enjoy all our helpful downloads on our henna download page.  Everything is printable on standard sized paper.