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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glass Bangles: The Perfect Fit for Any Style

Glass bangle bracelets
5 SURPRISE Indian Glass Bangle Sets
Only $39.99
If you’re searching for an elegant and simply stunning accessory, Indian glass bangles are for you. Glass bangles are available in every color – including gold and silver, so they’re the perfect match for any outfit. Wear them at a wedding, a party or another event!

Real glass bangles made from shiny, high quality glass have a distinctive jingling sound when worn, unlike cheap bangles made from plastic. Whenever I wear these real glass bangles, I receive a lot of compliments as soon as people hear the musical tinkling of the glass clinking together. I am constantly asked where I got them because people just can’t wait to get some of these stylish and unique bangles for themselves.

Sometimes when I tell people that these bangles are made from real glass, they wonder how the glass doesn’t shatter when the bangles clink together. I always assure them that these glass bangles are incredibly sturdy. You’ll never have to worry about them being damaged during shipping, while you wear them, or even if you accidentally drop them.

Handmade Glass Bangles of Unmatched Quality! 


One of the reasons that these bangles are so gorgeous is that they are handmade. All of Beachcombers’ beautiful glass bangle bracelets are made with love by a small family business in Pakistan. You can really see the time, care and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing these colored glass bangles. Unlike many of the cheap bangles that are sold in malls, there is a real sense of elegance to these bangles. The quality craftsmanship is apparent from the moment that you lay eyes on them.

You can wear these glass bangles in a wide variety of settings. They are elegant enough to be worn with a dress for more formal occasions, yet versatile enough to get pair with a casual top and some jeans. Anytime is a good time to slip on some of these awesome glass bangles! They are especially popular for weddings and even come in a special larger size for wedding outfits. And don’t worry about these colored bracelets clashing with any clothes; you can choose them in a whole rainbow of colors so that you always have something that matches.

The best part about these bangles is that they fit so well! You can choose from Small, Medium/Large, or even Extra Large to fit your exact wrist size. That way, you can choose a bangle that won’t fall off, but still fit perfectly on you. Finding your size is easy. Beachcombers not only offers a sizing kit, but a printable pdf option too!

I love these glass bangles, and you will too. Try a pair for yourself or give the gift set to a friend or loved one!

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