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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Henna Classes and Workshops a Success!

Ahhhh! Falll! This past Saturday was the Fall Quarter Henna U Extension Classes at Beachcombers Henna Studio. Two henna classes were available this past Fall Quarter including the Simply Henna 101 workshop and the Henna Fillers Lab, and what classes they were!

A huge thank you to the wonderful group of henna students that were dynamic and involved.

This was the first time in six years that the Henna 101 class did not sell out. This means I had a bit of extra time in the workshop, so I added an entire section about henna styles to the workshop. What a GREAT workshop it made!

I was so caught up in teaching that I completely forgot to take pictures, so my apologies for that oversight.

Learn the science and art of henna at Henna 101.
Basic Henna Concepts from Henna 101 Workshop

The Simply Henna 101 Workshop

This class covered henna safety (in depth), the science of henna, henna mixology, and the art of henna. The art of henna included the basic core henna elements and vocabulary and how to create your own henna stories. Using actual henna, we learned to create symmetry & circles with henna and the concept of build-out to create flow within henna designs. We also learned to identifiy the different henna styles including Indian henna, Arabic henna, Indo-Arabic henna, Moroccan henna, Mauritanian henna, and Gulf style henna.

All that in THREE hours! We even had plenty of demos such as adding sugar to henna, getting the proper texture,  how to stain henna paste, and how to roll cellophane cones. Whew! You guys made it and did great!
Henna Fillers Lab teaches the proper use of henna fillers.
Henna Fillers In Use!

The Henna Fillers Lab

This class brought out the DOM in my personality, lol! Practice, practice practice...The best way to learn is to actually do henna. Remember when you discovered that rainbow fillers were quicker than scale fillers? Light bulb moment!

We covered Indian fillers, how to create grids, quick fillers, and unique out-side-the-box fillers. It was and intense hour and a half...ok...so an hour and 45 minutes, as we did go a bit long...

Henna University and Henna U Extension Classes

Don't worry if you missed our fabulous fall extension classes. We have more! Our two day Henna University conference in February is sold out but we do have the Primer Class available. The Primer class will be heavy on mixology and the basic core henna elements.

I offer Henna U extension classes once (occasionally twice) a quarter. These will always include the Simply Henna 101 workshop followed by a Henna Technique Lab. Expect these in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter Quarter is always the Henna University conference.

Sign up for our email list and/or Like us on Facebook to be informed on future henna classes. As soon as classes are available for registration, buy your ticket right away! The Henna U 2014 sold out in 11 days and typically the Simply Henna 101 sells out within 2 weeks.

Continuing education is important for anything you do. Keep up your skills and continue to add new exciting additions to your henna vocabulary. I try to attend at least one henna conference a year. This makes me a better henna artist and a better henna instructor.

Henna On!

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