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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Rajasthani Organic Henna Power 3.2% Dye content!

That's right, I said 3.2% lawsone content!  Even higher than my beloved Jamila henna. 

OK, let's talk about this new Rajasthani henna.  It's leaving spectacular color!  I mean really, really, really good

The picture below is on difficult-to-stain me.  The henna was left on for 3 hours with no sealer and no additional heat.  The picture was taken only 13 hours after paste removal.  Seriously!

The 2011 Organic Raj henna is a stringy henna.  This means it's great for draping lines that is common in Moroccan style henna.  If you are used to Jamila henna, it will take a little getting used to.  

It is 100 mesh sifted, so not as perfect as Jamila, but still excellent. 

Full dye release is obtained, generally, in 12-24 hours.  The quicker dye release means the henna paste is not quite as stable as Jamila henna, but it still holds up very well.
GREAT flipping stuff! 

Get the best of both worlds by mixing half Rajisthani paste and half Jamila paste.  You'll get that fantastic Jamila smoothness, texture, workability, and stability and the darker stain color of the Raj henna! 

PERFECT henna!

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