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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jamila Henna Powder at Beachcombers!

That's right, due to popular request, we now carry Jamila body art henna powder!

Jamila henna powder is the preferred henna of professional henna artists and we've been getting requests for it. You know us...we are all about requests! I can't accommodate every request, but I do what I can.

We currently have the latest body art quality Jamila henna (the highest available quality) Summer Crop 2008 in 100 gram packages. As always we store our henna properly cooled and protected from moisture.

I'll be doing some testing over the next few weeks and I'll let you know of my results, but I didn't want to delay the availability of the Jamila henna since so many of you already use it.

Pros and cons of our standard henna powder and the Jamila henna powder.

Jamila is the preferred henna for professional henna artists. It leaves great color and is packaged properly from the manufacturer giving it a very long shelf life (Summer 2008 crop has an expiration date of May 2011). It is also the finest sifted powder available. For the most part you won't need to sift or strain your henna if you are using Jamila henna powder.

Jamila henna powder is more suited to professionals that use a larger amount of henna. It is vacuum sealed in an opaque mylar 100 gram bag inside the box, so it's not as convenient as the small 20 gram bags our standard henna comes in. I also find that the dye takes more time to release with the Jamila henna and it is more sensitive to temperature. I suggest letting the henna sit overnight after mixing and if it's cold (less than 70 degrees in your house), let it sit at least 24 hours. Jamila henna is well suited to the more advanced henna mixes.

The pictures you see on the web of henna that is nearly black...those likely used Jamila henna, an advanced mix, and used a wrap and sealer.

Our standard henna powder is a bit more forgiving and releases dye quicker. If you are doing henna just for fun and on a small number of people, the 20 gram bags can't be beat for convenience. It is also packaged properly in opaque mylar bags and can be stored for 2-3 years (if stored properly). Our standard powder henna can yield some fantastic results as you've seen on our henna help site, http://www.shophenna.com/, but overall the Jamila henna is capable of darker color.

I'll keep you updated on my Jamila fun!

Our henna powders can be found and compared here.


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