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Monday, December 1, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her!

All the good stuff comes in the stockings, doesn't it? You can pack a ton of tantilizing fun stuff in a Christmas stocking, and I'm here to help you find some fun stuff for stockings this year!

Bindi Body Stickers
Ahhh... What a fantastic stocking stuffer, lightwieght, inexpensive, you can pack a ton of them in even the smallest stocking, brightly colored, completely unique, and she can wear them right away! She will not be getting a duplicate of this gift!

Choose a small grouping of bindi styles for more impact. One or two large fancy bindi (maybe a belly bindi or arm band bindi tattoo) and a few packs of small bindi styles that can be mixed and matched with the larger bindi are a great combination. Bindi start at only $2.99!

Glass Bangles
Yes, I really said glass! Our glass bangle sets contain 13-30 bangles and most are only $9.99. Select her favorite colors or go with holiday colors for a can't miss gift. If you don't know her size, try the 2.10 M/L. More than half of my customers are this popular size.

Local Orlando Holiday Shopping
If you are local and can stop by our shop, we have some great store only items to select from.

Tiny handmade lac pill boxes are great for stockings. Place a piece of candy or a ring in the boxes for an extra treat!

Hand knitted Karma Scarves by Celia are brightly colored, warm, fuzzy, and packed with good vibes. You can match bindi and bangles to the Karma scarves for a total package stocking.

Don't get the same old same old this year to fill her stocking. Be unique! Be noticed!

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