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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ena of The Henna Studio at Beachcombers Bazaar

Today was a good day! Ena, of The Henna Studio, stopped by the store to do a henna tattoo on a henna newbie, and that is always fun!
She did a lovely medallion on the right foot which looked great next to bright pink pedicured toes with a little gold toe ring.

I was lucky enough to have Ena give me a great Valentine henna design on my RIGHT hand. You henna artists out there will appreciate how nice it is to have someone do henna on the hand that you use to draw henna. That hand is always naked!

Good news! You can look forward to Saturday henna mehndi appointments here at Beachcombers Bazaar starting in March with Ena and other henna artists on occasion.

Here's to much more henna at Beachcombers Bazaar!

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