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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Henna Tattoos...Jody Style!

Henna is a wonderful thing! It can be anything you need it to be... healing, spiritual, relaxing, an energy generator, or just plain fun!

Most people are familiar with henna in one of two ways, henna as a part of Indian weddings or henna tattoos at festivals. Henna can be both of those things and so much more.

Wedding henna is typically done by a professional henna artist hired by the groom's family. The bride will often get her henna done the day before the mehndi party and at the party will have gilding paste (to match her outfit) applied to the henna while guests are getting henna done. Sometimes there will be one henna artist for the bride and one for the rest of the guests.

Wedding henna is typically traditional freehand henna designs and goes from fingers to elbow and toes to knees. The grooms name is hidden in the henna for him to find on the wedding night (wink wink). Things don't bode well for a man that doesn't find his name in his bride's henna!

Festival henna is often fun and quick. Normally, there will be a selection of henna designs for you to choose from with a pre-marked price. The henna artist will typically make any modifications to the design that you would like. Hopefully you have found a festival henna artist that freehands henna instead of using transfer paper to trace designs. There is often a line and the henna artist must work quickly, but it's a great way to get a fun henna tattoo!

Aside from these henna experiences, henna can be done one-on-one or with a henna artist hired for a private party. I like to share our fantastic Orlando henna artist community with everyone whenever I can, but I also love to do henna myself.

When I do henna here at the shop, I like to use the energy within you and your personality to create a custom henna design just for you. Henna helps with the energy flow within your body and I want to direct those energies in a positive way to connect you with your henna. If you need empowerment, or healing, or balance, or whatever, I want to help you find it.

You should feel wonderful when you have henna on! If you start feeling bad or negative when you are wearing henna, look at your henna tattoo or touch it. Reconnect with your henna and allow that feel-good energy to flow!

For me, this is what henna is about. It's not just a cool temporary tattoo, henna is powerful!

No matter how you get henna done, enjoy it!

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