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Friday, March 19, 2010

SPCA Humane Society Henna Doantions

How much fun was the Whyne and Mutt Art stroll in college Park on Saturday?

I met some wonderful people, did some henna, exposed a new henna artist to doing henna on others, contributed $40 for a great cause, and am excited about a certain secret belly henna I will be doing in about 7 months!

Susan was here with her mineral pigments - the ENTIRE selection - and I got the coolest new shadow color, EVER!  It's called Fire Opal and is a yellow orange at first glance  (a color I would never select for myself normally), but when you put it on, it's stunning!  There's a hint of green sparkle/sheen with the warm yellowy color for such a cool effect.
 Here's a link to the Fire Opal color if you want to give it a try.

Keep in touch so you can come to the next College Park event!

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