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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We are back!

Woo hoo!  GREAT conference!  The eCommerce business conference in Vegas was fantastic.  Not only was it more information than we can possibly put into practice but it was a ton of fun.

A huge thank you to all the sponsors of the event and to all our customers that accepted our shipping delays!

We were able to connect with other friends in the eCommerce business and I even did some henna on some folks at the conference!  Talk about branding your product, right?

This is John of Colder Ice and 3rd Power Outlets.  John gave a wonderful presentation on social marketing and got his first henna tattoo!

It's back to business as usual, normal business hours and shipping schedules.  We, of course, have a list of to-do items.  We hope to improve our efficiency so that we can keep our prices low, and to increase sales so that we can add even bigger variety of our items!

Thanks again for your patience!

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