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Friday, October 8, 2010

Light Scarring from Henna Mixed with Chemicals

I had a customer come in a couple of days ago who had some light scarring from chemical laced henna she had gotten while on vacation, TEN MONTHS ago!  Though I called this light scarring, I don't think she considers the scarring light.
The henna that produced these scars 10 months after application was mixed with benzene, kerosene, or gasoline.

She said the henna had a painful burning sensation while it was on the skin.  It left a nice deep brown color even though she only left it on for a half hour or so because of the burning.

Henna should not burn.  It may feel a little itchy on the skin because as it dries it shrinks.  It may make your skin feel cold, but natural henna will NOT burn.

Henna should have a natural scent and you will likely smell the essential oils mixed in the henna.

  • It should NOT smell like chemicals.
  • It should NOT burn.
  • Any artist worth getting henna from, WILL be able to tell you the ingredients in their henna paste.

Be Smart!  Be Safe!

There aren't as may warnings or pictures of damage from henna with additives like benzene, kerosene, and gasoline as there are for black henna.  The real danger with these additives is that they are carcinogens (cancer causing and cancer spreading agents), and they build up in your blood stream and liver.  They don't just go away when your henna tattoo goes away.

The fact that they can leave a color similar to natural henna is tricky.  Look for tip-offs such as only needing to leave the henna on for a short period of time, really long lasting henna, or an artist being vague about the ingredients in their henna.

ONLY use safe natural henna!

Learn more about henna safety on my henna help site.

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