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Friday, December 10, 2010

Organic Earrings for Normally Pireced Ears

Woo Hoo!  They have arrived, and they are GORGEOUS!

Our newest products are these fab new tribal earrings, Beachcombers Organics.  They are handmade in Bali of wood, horn, bone, and Mother-Of-Pearl.

Stretched lobes and gauged ears not needed!  These cool tribal earrings are for normally pierced ears. 

We have split expander styles that look like they've been threaded right through your ear hole.  These are known as cheaters or fakers.

Fatastic that you don't have to lose all your jewelry as you move up in gauge sizes, yes?

 See!  They look like real expanders when they are worn!

 We also have these cool organic pin style earrings.  These use a horn or wood stick for the earring post.

How did we move from Indian shoes, glass bangles, and henna to organic earrings? 
Glad you asked!  A little while back a good friend was dealing with some health issues.  To help in her healing process I did quite a bit of healing henna tattoos for her.  As a thank you gift, she gave me the coolest earrings I had ever seen!

That's them in the picture...

I wore them EVERY day until she bought me another pair for my birthday.  Then I started swapping out my fabulous organic earrings.

I got so many compliments on them, that I thought I had better start sharing the wealth (not to mention keep myself in good supply!).  Our tag line for Beachcombers Bazaar is "Be Noticed..."  These earrings certainly fit the bill!  I started looking around for a good family source for the earrings.

That's when I found Wayan.  What an amazing person!  He and his wife started a small art business in Bali in the 80's focusing on his lifelong passion of carving and wood sculpting.  These hand carved earrings are now part of his art.  That little business is continuing to grow as new family members and other artists from the community are added.

Like most Indonesians, the environment and natural resources are important to Wayan.  All materials used are harvested responsibly.  Wood is from renewable tree farms planted specifically for the purpose.  Horn and bone are left over material from farm animals and animals are never killed for their horn or bone.  Indonesians (much like native Americans)  try to use every part of an animal or plant and waste very little.

I'm proud and honored to have added another small family business to our own business family!

Give them a try!  They make a fabulous unique gift, and you'll be supporting our local USA small family business AND Wayan's local small family business in Bali.


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