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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Florida Tribal Dance Fundraiser After Word

What a GREAT event!  The Florida Tribal Dance fundraiser was a huge success!

It was crazy fun and I did a boatload of henna earning nearly $300 for the cause!

 The first henna customer of the night!  What a wonderful way to start!

 Keeley's lovely daughter wanted some hearts.  Sugar and spice!

 Violet doing henna for the cause.

 Violet's first henna of the night!  What fun to do henna with a friend!

 Peacocks are a blessing and stand for luck.  The color turned out so nicely on this!

 Missy of Get Hennafied all the way from Melbourne, FL!  So fun, beautiful, AND a great henna talent.

 Jon "Glass Man" Gardner donated two of his gorgeous lanterns to the silent auction.  I didn't win them, but I am offering them in the store now!

 I have to say, I just LOVE this!

 Mary...the shimmy Goddess!  Just a bit of henna at the end of the night for her!

 Legacy Art!  These henna boards were covered with traces of people's hand prints to be displayed permanently in the studio.

Elegant henna for Sharon!

It was a great night.  I'm glad I was able to participate and earn some money for the cause.  Hooray for women-owned small business!


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