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Friday, April 29, 2011

New Glass Bangle Kits

There are really some spectacular new bangle styles from our last order!  I've created some great glass bangle kits for you so you can get new styles in a variety of colors.

The below bangle kit uses thicker wedding bangles with silver glitter.  I also have this style glass bangles with gold glitter and matching glitter bangles.

The below glass bangle kit is designed to let you mix and match with all your other Indian bangles.  Adding a bit of black, gold, silver, or color can make a bangle set completely different.

The below Indian bangle kit is positively gorgeous in person.  It has a gorgeous holographic base.  Color and light sparkle like crazy in this modern Indian bracelet style.  One of my new favorites!  

We are the first in the USA to get the below glass bangles!  This new zig zag bangle style is really made of glass and has a super modern "water spot" finish.

Shop the new Indian bracelets today!

Buy 2.6 Small Indian Bangles

Buy 2.10 M/L Indian Bangles

Buy 2.12 XL Indian Bangles

Having these makes me happy!!!!!!!

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