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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coolest customers, EVER!

I opened for a a private shopping appointment for a long time customer, Shaida from Gainsville, on Monday.  Shaida brought her husband, Peter, his sister Karina, and their friend Darci.  Oh my what fun was had!

First Shaida brought me a gorgeous long hippie dress with matching earrings as a gift!  How incredibly sweet, right?  Totally unexpected, but much appreciated!

We were all in bangle heaven as we matched vacation clothes and swimsuits (they were on their way to Puerto Rico!).  OK, Peter was not in bangle heaven with us, but he was happy to see them happy. 

Don't feel too bad for Peter.  He was the first to get henna!  We did the coolest henna on him.  We did a Maori tattoo style which was the first I've ever done.  In fact I didn't even know what it was until he told me about it.  To describe a Maori tattoo (Ta Moko), think of a tribal tattoo but instead of solid black the tattoo is filled with patterns.

Though beautiful, these have deep cultural meaning as well.  We didn't have the time to research meanings and we were doing henna instead of a permanent tattoo so we focused on the artistic side of the Maori tattoo style.

Next came Shaida.  A sea turtle and hibiscus were her requests!  Her henna tattoo is island fun!

For Karina we did a beautiful floral back design that works well with her swimsuit.
After the henna and shopping we grabbed burgers at Graffiti Junction which is a block away. 

What a fun day!  Thank you all for such a great time!


  1. I had never seen this! We had such a good time - written will be back for henna before our virgin islands vacation next year! You guys should join us!

    1. That was such a great day! ...but then we always have a great time with you guys. so nice to have become friends. I'm working on the VI thing!