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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The New Bling of Indian Bindi Jewelry

Large silver bindi with real jewelry accents
Bindi body stickers have come a long way baby! Far from the plain red or black dots of yore, Bollywood (and Hollywood) are helping push bindi in fresh new directions far outside the traditional bindi dot box.

Today you can find Indian bindi jewelry with real jewelry pieces dangling from the body sticker, and large bindi over 2 inches long! Tikka are no longer confined to actual jewelry pieces. You can now get tikka binidi that will stick to the face and part in the hair. Large bindi that are designed to be worn as arm bands are available too.

Indian bindi on metal jewelry base
Not only are the bindi themselves becoming more and more unique, but so is bindi placement. Small bindi stickers are often used as fake nose pins. Small bindi are also worn in groups at the corner of the eyes...super cute! Large bindi are fantastic when worn on the chest as a floating "necklace" or even on the hand. Today, you can even find bindi body stickers decorating the belly button.

Now that bindi jewelry have been embraced throughout the world by women, there is no limit what you can do with bindi!

However you decide to wear bindi, have FUN!

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