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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Become a Professional Henna Artist: Go Pro Henna eBook Pack

Learn Henna as a Business...Go Pro!
Are you at the point that you want to turn your henna hobby into a henna business? Great!

There is so much to becoming a business that one can't learn it all at once. Don't worry, you don't have to wait until you've learned everything to get started. In fact, the best thing you can do is take the first steps to get started so you can learn and grow! To help, I've created the Henna Go Pro Pack to allow you to take the first big step in your henna journey to becoming a professional henna artist.

This group of 3 henna eBooks doesn't bother to go through heavy accounting principles or anything along those lines. Instead it focuses on the foundation of satisfying customers to make your first events and parties go smoothly along with tons of advice to help you avoid common mistakes and stumbling blocks of creating a henna business.

They contain 133 beautiful henna designs are specifically high-impact designs that are fairly quick to accomplish, there for perfect for parties and festivals.

"First Henna Gig...eBook"

This eBook is specially designed to support you through your first henna gig, event, or party. Be prepared and professional at your very first henna event. 
  • Business basics to set yourself up for success
  • How to price henna (both per design and by the hour)
  • How to select designs for the event
  • Create a design book
  • Area/event set-up tips
  • Sample contract
  • Basic signage
  • and more...
A selection of 40 crowd-pleasing henna designs are priced at $10, $15, and $20 levels. All henna designs can be accomplished by beginning henna artists with a bit of practice.

"Festival & Fundraiser Henna eBook"

This eBook is specially designed to be used for events such as fundraisers or festivals, with the beginning henna artist in mind. The henna designs in this design book are quick and easy to create. It's packed full of information to help the henna newbie through their first few events.
  • Henna basics
  • Tips for event setting henna and set-up for festival/fundraiser style events
  • 66 easy-to-do henna designs

"Marvelous Sangeet Strips"

This eBook is filled with 27 crowd-pleasing henna designs that are perfect for parties and festivals.
  • Basic placement for sangeet strip style henna
  • 27 easy-to-do crowd-pleasing sangeet strip designs

Get all three henna eBooks in one for only 23.97! This is your chance to get started with your henna business!

Have fun!

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