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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eid Mehndi: Henna Tattoos for Eid

New clothes, check.  New jewelry, check.  Have you thought about your Eid Henna yet?

You can't allow Eid to pass without henna on your hands!  You can do your Eid henna yourself, get together with friends and do henna on each other, or you can have henna applied professionally.

Eid mehndi is best done on the palms of the hands, but you can have your henna applied wherever you'd like. 

For the best possible color on Eid morning, your henna should be done on the 7th or the 8th at the latest.  Your henna tattoo needs time to cure and oxidize for full color. Even Monday the 6th is a good day to have your henna done for Eid.

If you plan on doing henna yourself, Friday September 3 is the last day to order henna from Beachcombers Bazaar for priority shipping.

There are still slots open to have your Eid henna applied by Jody of Beachcombers on both Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 8th.  If you want a slot, schedule your henna appointment today!

Eid Mubarak!

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