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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Positive Henna Energy

I know many people do not believe in the power of henna energy.  I am here to tell you it exists and is powerful!
Healing Henna
This henna design uses sprouts for growth and life, peacocks for luck and blessings, open style flowers to accept and attract positive energies.

When I create a henna design on someone I try to work with their energy to create a design especially suited to them.  When possible, I try to attract the kind of energy that they currently need in their lives.  Diane of the YOU Health Center here in Orlando coined my henna, "Henna with Intention", and I think that's perfect! 
Violet's Beautiful Soul Henna
Violet is one of my favorite people to henna.  She is simply the best canvas!  Every design comes out gorgeous on her!

Sometimes that energy needed is healing either physically or emotionally.  Other times someone needs the courage to make a change or to take on new challenges in their lives.  Sometimes a woman wants to have a baby and needs fertility henna.  It doesn't matter the reason for the henna, the point is henna can be part of creating your own reality!
Celia's GREAT karma!
Every design I do on Celia is different!  She is just layers and layers of energy goodness!

You can feel the positive energy flowing when henna is being done!  As long as you have color, you should still be able to reconnect with that great henna energy.

Nina's Life Balance
 Nina needed some balance and perspective to help her with big changes in her life.  This henna is ripe for tackling new opportunities and staying calm while doing so.

When you do henna or have henna done on you, take a moment to reflect about what you need.  Concentrate on infusing those energies into your design.
Connecting henna and woman power!
These two women had a wonderful bond and I was happy to be able to pull connecting elements in their henna.  The woman on the right needed some courage and fortitude so we did plenty of spirals.
Have fun and happy henna'ing!

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