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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Product Spotlight: Tree Stand Bracelet Holder

The Tree Stand Bracelet Holder is a fun way to organize your beautiful bangle collection, while perfectly complimenting your home.
wood tree stand bangle display holder

With nine arms made from hand-polished wood, this bangles display stand holds around 340 individual glass bangles, depending on size. The arms angle slightly upward to prevent bracelets from sliding off. Because the item is handcrafted, the finish and grain of the wood vary with each individual stand, making them unique pieces with premium visual appeal. The elegant spiral design helps display bracelets in an organized, attractive and even artful manner.

In addition to bracelets or bangles, the tree stand can be used both to display and organize a variety of other items as well, including watches, necklaces and chains, hair ties and scrunchies, sports bands, and more. It can even be used to display decorative napkin rings in the kitchen or dining room. The holder is a very versatile item and can be used either at home or for high-end commercial displays of merchandise. At home, the tree stand bangle bracelet holder fits in perfectly with numerous decor styles.

The holder is 15.25" high and 9.5" wide, making it the ideal size for table or counter top display. The stand is large enough to hold hundreds of bracelets or many other items and yet petite enough not to dominate a dresser or counter area. It also includes a wide and sturdy base that will prevent it from tipping over and help to keep things organized and secure.

The holder is quite simple to assemble. From start to finish, setting up this elegant display only takes minutes.

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