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Monday, March 3, 2014

5 DIY Ways to Recycle and Reuse Glass Bangles

Indian glass bangles are beautiful, vibrant and effortless additions to any wardrobe. They can dress up an event, or go with you to the beach. Eventually, these bangles may break from your "tough love" of wearing them everywhere, but that doesn't mean you have to throw them away. Give them new life! We've come up with five simple and elegant DIY projects to help you recycle and reuse your old, broken glass bangles.
broken bangles by the pound for crafts
  1. Candle Holders - Stacks of broken bangles make a pretty candle holder. You can stack them loose around a candle, bind with hot glue or go the extra mile and use thin craft wire from a hobby store to bind individual bangles together for a sturdier stack. The 30-36 gauge wire works best. Space 3-4 wires equally around the bangles and wrap the wire once or twice around each bangle, working your way up the stack. Light the candle and admire the beauty! 
  2. Curtain Rings - Bangles that have broken open slightly but not lost too much material can be recycled into curtain rings. Slide the open end of the bangles into the slits in a curtain. Use two or three bangles per slit, or more if the curtain is heavy and you can fit enough bangles. Slide this onto a curtain rod and step back to appreciate your handiwork. You could even use broken large bangles to bunch curtains in the middle for fashionable tie-backs. 
  3. Hanging Mobiles - Use fishing line or cord knotted around the glass bangles to create a great mobile. Using one bangle at the top, tie cords around it at different heights, and tie various other bangles onto the other ends. Hang it in the window or out on the porch. 
  4. Wall Display - If you've got some blank wall space and a heap of broken bangles, put them together for a unique wall hanging. Use craft wire to bind broken bangles together into interesting shapes. Overlap them, or set them flat, side by side. Whatever you create is sure to spice up your living space! 
  5. Mosaics - If you want a project to really take some time with, try using your broken bangles in a mosaic. You can find a kit and supplies to create mosaics at any hobby store. Indian glass bangles make a special addition and really personalize a kit project for you. You can break the bangles (carefully, inside a rag!) into small pieces and place the decorative top side face up. Use broken plates or any other ceramic and glass items the same way. 
Of course, once you've cleared out your stash of broken Indian glass bangles, there's room for some new ones in your jewelry collection! Try out new colors and styles, or grab a set of your old favorites. And, if you've gotten addicted to DIY crafts using bangles but ran out of broken ones, you can find broken bangles by the pound right here. Take these ideas and run with them! How many more ideas can you come up with?

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