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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring Henna To-Do List for Henna Artists

It's nearly that time! What time, you ask? Henna tattoo season!

Henna season starts in spring and goes on until early fall. That means it's time to get into henna-shape with these to-do lists for professional mehndi artists and just-for-fun henna artists.

Lovely simple henna designs on the hand with rose flowers
Spring Henna Season is Nearly Here!

Professional Henna Artists To-Do List

  • Freshen and Organize Design Books
    Start the season with fresh clean henna design books. Re-print beat up pages and add new ones.
    Draw your own designs (free henna templates here)
    Add photos of new work
    Get some new design eBooks (find our henna eBooks here)
  • Stock Up on Fresh Henna Product
    Do you need new applicator bottles or more cello flats?
    Do you have great staining fresh henna powder?
  • Mix Henna Paste for Freezing
    Be ready for that first spring gig! Mix and freeze henna paste in small sizes such as cello cones for ease of thawing and freshness.
  • Practice (freshen up those skills!)
    It's been a long cold winter and we need to remind our brains how to do the basic henna elements. Practice the basic henna elements until you've recreated the muscle memory to make every design a great one. Practice rows and rows on paper until they are cemented in your brain.
  • Marketing/Customer Contact
    If you haven't booked spring and summer festivals yet, get a move on it! These can fill up quickly.
    What past clients will need spring break henna tattoos?
    Any one year anniversaries coming up from last year's brides?
    Remind people that spring means henna and start scheduling early!
    Run out of business cards? Get more!
  • Update Your Henna Booth Set-Up
    Do you need more chairs, new signs, a new tent? Get them now while you can shop around for the best deals.

Learn to have a henna party professionally
Henna Design eBook

New or Just-For-Fun Henna Artists To-Do List

  • Time to break out some practice henna!
    When you run out of skin, henna on paper. The only way to have a fantastic spring break henna design is to practice in advance, so get going!
  • Not mixing your own paste?
    Now is the time to learn! Our house brand, ORa henna is the perfect paste for beginners with it's extra high lawsone (dye)content. ORa makes it easy to get great color, even for beginners.
  • Need design ideas?
    Check out our selection of henna eBooks including a our mini eBook series that starts at only $.99!
  • General henna questions?
    Visit The Henna Learning Center for all you need to know about henna!
  • Looking to go Pro?
    Get our new "So You Have Your First Henna Gig" eBook. This eBook contains 40 henna designs with suggested pricing, a sample contract, henna signage, and five pages of information on doing henna for an event/party.
What have I missed? What else should we be doing as henna artists to get ready for henna season?

Henna On!

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