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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Product Spotlight: 5 Surprise Bangles

Handmade glass bangles make a thoughtful and unique gift for all occasions. Made by hand in India and Pakistan, these beautiful bangles come in a wide variety of colors and textures. The hardest decision when it comes to glass Indian bangles is not whether you want them, it’s which ones you want! If you’re having a hard time deciding what colors and styles to choose, the 5 surprise bangles set is perfect for you. It’s great for any indecisive jewelry lover and it makes an even better gift.
5 surprise glass bangles
5 SURPRISE Indian Glass Bangle Sets
Only $39.99

With the 5 surprise bangles, you’ll love the fun of opening the package for the first time, never quite knowing what you’re going to get. Since each bracelet is handcrafted, you’ll never end up with an exact duplicate. Plus, these unique bracelets will never clash with each other. The unique glass design features an endless variety of colors and patterns. Wear all purple or a rainbow of colors; any combination looks great! Collect more than one bangle surprise set and build your collection for even more options! No matter the color, each bracelet will allow your creativity and personality to shine through with each wear.

All of Beachcombers’ bright bangles are crafted from glass, and they make a slight bell-like sound when worn together. They not only look great, but they sound great too! You’ll have a blast wearing them out for an evening of dance, to a fancy dinner or even just casually with jeans and a cute top.

These affordable bangles make a fun and surprising gift set for special occasions, as a sweet thank you gift, or just to let someone know that she is in your thoughts. Our handy sizing chart makes it easy to get a set that will fit anyone, making these bangles a great gift for anyone who loves fashionable jewelry. Plus, you can rest assured that these glass bangles are wrapped and shipped with extreme care to prevent accidental breakage.

At Beachcombers, we believe every day should be treated like a special occasion. You’ll love the surprise and joy that this glass bangles set brings to you and your loved ones. We can’t resist these elegant glass bracelets, and you won’t be able to either.

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