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Monday, February 3, 2014

Henna for Couples ~ Valentine's Day Henna Ideas

Pretty heart henna for Valentine's dayLet's face it, Valentine's Day can be tedious with the same-old same-old year after year. Sweets, dinner, a movie, blah!

It's not just Valentine's Day that can become tedious, but anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions that you spend "supposedly" celebrating each other.

Instead of falling into the grind, spice things up with some sensuous fun creativity...henna!
  1. Have a friend henna pretty designs in hard-to-reach places for your partner to discover. 
  2. Henna a dainty chain of hearts or flowers around your thigh, garter-style!
  3. Henna fun instructions for your partner like "Kiss Here"
  4. Henna your partner's name on your bum!
  5. Henna your partner blindfolded so he or she doesn't know what's coming...
  6. Henna racy comments on the bottom of your feet or your partners feet. You will know they are there, but no one else will!
  7. Henna a heart in the middle of each of your palms. When you are apart, the hennaed heart will remind you of each other. This is great to do before one of you goes out-of-town.
  8. Hide your partner's name in a beautiful intricate henna design...make him or her find it!

You don't need much henna to tackle these fun ideas. For only 14.99, our Fun & Easy henna kit gives you enough henna for 10-30 henna tattoo designs and includes an easy-to-use applicator bottle that is perfect for henna newbies. 

Keep in mind these henna facts...
  • Henna takes best on the hands and feet. The further away from those areas you get, the lighter the henna stain. That's ok, it's just something to be aware of when selection the henna location.
  • Remember to do the henna 2 or 3 days before Valentine's day or whatever special event you want the henna to be ready for. Henna starts off light and takes 2-3 days to darken to full color.
  • To learn more about henna check out The Henna Learning Center.

Check out our Henna Hearts mini eBook for 3 pages of a variety of heart designs.

Sensuous Hennaing To You!

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