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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How To Find Your Indian Khussa Shoe Size

Never worn khussa Indian shoes before? Wondering about sizing? Well, call me KhussaGirl...here to save the day for Indian-style-loving-Gothamites everywhere!

OK, so I'm no super hero, but I do know a thing or two about Indian shoes, at least Beachcombers khussa Indian shoes.

You see, Indian shoes have no right and left when they are new, and they tend to be hard and uncomfortable when first put on your feet. Not to worry, as they break in to be CRAZY comfortable!

Just wet your feet and wear them around the house for a couple of hours, and the break-in process is well on its way. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they become. Seriously, I have khussa shoes that are so soft, I can fold them up and stick them in the back pocket of my jeans. That's comfort!

I got off topic there...I'm supposed to be telling you about khussa sizing. I just help it, I LOVE Indian shoes!

For the most part, Beachcombers khussa are true-to-size, but there are some exceptions. The shoes are so flexible and moldable, that they only come in whole sizes.

If you are a US size 8, you should be a Beachcombers khussa size 8.

If you have wide width feet, a wide toe box, or are a size 8.5, you would be a size 9. When sizing up, add one of our double thick foam cut-to-size insoles to give you a perfect fit.

Extra wide? It's perfectly acceptable to size up two sizes.

Still not sure of your Indian shoe size? Contact me, Jody@BeachcombersBazaar.com and answer all the below questions. I can normally help you get the correct size the first time you order! Make note, that I only check my email during business hours, so if you email in the evening or on the weekend, my response will be delayed.

  1. What size shoes do you normally wear?
  2. Do you ever size up or down a half a size?
  3. More than a half a size?
  4. Are your feet wide, average, or narrow width?
  5. Do you like to wear your shoes tight or do you like extra room in the toes?
  6. Is there anything else about your feet to consider when sizing for shoes (previous surgery or other issues that can make sizing difficult)?
  7. What is the item number of the shoes you are interested in?  Certain styles can run a little differently, so it is important to know the specific shoes you want.
Now that you know what size you are going to be, it's time to join me in my khussa addiction!

Start shopping our FABULOUS selection
of Khussa Indian shoes now!

Bwwwahahaha! I think I've snagged another fellow khussa addict!

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