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Monday, January 13, 2014

Khussa Beaded Shoes: Comfort & Elegance for Any Occasion

Khussa beaded shoes are gorgeous flats with a lush, cultural history. During the Mughal Empire, khussa Indian shoes were made from real gems threaded with real gold! Throughout history, these intricate shoes have been worn for special occasions such as weddings and dances. While the beauty of khussa shoes hasn’t changed, the price tag and availability thankfully has. Now anyone can enjoy these fabulous beaded shoes!
Khussa Indian Shoes

I love these shoes for their comfort and their elegance. These shoes add style to any outfit. While they look great when paired with jeans and a nice top, I especially love them for weddings. A bridal party can easily afford matching khussa shoes for a unified look or even as a bridal gift. For a great look, the bridal party should choose a contrasting or complementary color to the bride. They’re especially great for beachside or outdoor weddings – any place where you’ll be standing for a long period of time on a potentially uneven or soft surface. Thanks to khussa shoes, a lady doesn’t need to wear high heels to look and feel great.

The extensive beadwork is the most alluring feature of these unique shoes. The beads seem to create a magical effect when light reflects off them. They’re ornate without being overpowering or cliché. The best part about modern khussa shoes is that you get these beautiful beads and sequins at an affordable price tag!

Khussa flats are an experience unto itself, good equally for an elegant gala as it is for an outdoor event. You’ll be shocked how comfortable these shoes look without sacrificing any of their style. These shoes become more comfortable as you wear them, shaping themselves around your unique foot shape.

Give khussa shoes in your favorite color a try today! You’ll love having these as part of your wardrobe whether wearing them casually or out on the dance floor.

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