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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Choosing a Bindi Sticker Style

When celebrating holidays, festivals and celebrations, many women wear a bindi, a small jewel dot applied to the body. The term derives from the Sanskrit word for dot. Typically, bindi are worn by Indian women as part of Hindi culture and it is often worn on the forehead. However, bindi can be worn by anyone and anywhere. Choosing the right bindi depends on several factors including the place where the sticker will be placed as well as the kind of occasion the wearer is attending. Different occasions will call for different kinds of bindi use. Many women like to wear bindis with elaborate patterns and colors that help express their inner style.
bindi body stickers
Most bindi stickers come in highly varied colors and shapes. Here’s how to choose a bindi style that’s right for you.


Traditional Bindi Colors or a Rainbow of Choices

The first thing to consider when choosing a bindi sticker is the type of color you want. Bindi stickers are available in a whole rainbow of colors. Red and black bindi are common for a more traditional look. A single red dot worn on the forehead signifies a woman is married whereas a black dot is worn by a single woman that is available for marriage. Colorful rainbow patterns of blues, greens, and purples are worn all over the body for Bollywood fashion, dances and special occasions. Of course, regardless of the occasion, you can choose any bindi color that you feel comfortable with and love. Coordinate the colors available with your overall look or consider a jewel that contrasts the color of your clothes to help the bindi sticker stand out. Bindi body stickers are the perfect choice when you want to add a temporary dose of color. Have fun!


Bindi Patterns and Shapes

Consider using different patterns for different occasions. Bindi stickers with a tribal modern look will add a subtle, yet elegant sense of your heritage to your overall look. A bindi with a long tail at one end and a stone at the other is perfect for attending a wedding. The soft color and simple shape can help indicate to other guests if you are part of the bridal party. Consider coordinating the bindi with other members of the bridal party. Several people wearing a specific style of bindis can help provide a unified look for a bride's attendants.

If you are intending to dance Bollywood style, the right bindi can help highlight the shape of your movement. A bindi with an elaborate pattern may remind people in the audience of the intricate movements you intend to convey during your dance.

By using bindi stickers to adorn your body, you can have a perfect dot shape arranged into an intricate pattern that securely adheres to you. At Beachcombers, we carry high quality body stickers that look like real jewel piercings. They also have a more streamlined shape than hand-drawn designs. Rest assured that no matter what bindi pattern you choose, you’ll have an elegant look of unmatched quality.


Bindi Body Placement

When choosing a bindi, think about where you want to place your design. There are longer curved patterns to follow the arc of your brow, smaller spirals that move as you move and make a great body sticker for dancers and, of course, there are simple single dot stickers for traditional forehead placement as well.

When worn on the forehead, bindis can be a great way to get in touch with your inner eye or 6th chakra, which is said to help improve focus. Bindis such as this are common and face placement is typical, but they can also be placed along your elbows, belly and arms.

Bindi stickers are a highly useful addition to any wardrobe. Use them carefully to help create the kind of finished look that is perfect for any occasion. Browse Beachcombers’ wide selection of tribal and traditional bindi stickers to find the perfect bindi for your needs.

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