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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Henna Design eBook: 10 Sangeet Hands

New Henna Design eBook 10 Sangeet Henna Hands
New Henna Design eBook
 If you are in the henna world, you likely know of Neeta Sharma, Mehndi Designer. She is one of the best wedding henna artists in the US, and she recently taught at Henna University 2014: Bridal Boot Camp. I'm happy to announce she created a henna eBook for Beachcombers based on the concepts she taught at Henna U!

"Ten Sangeet Hands" features 10 henna designs that are perfect for parties. Each design is unique and looks intricate and even difficult, but they aren't! Each design only uses a few actual elements that repeat to create a henna design that looks great, yet is easy to do, much like the exercises Neeta had us do at the Beachcombers Henna conference.

Samples of 10 Sangeet Hands Henna Design eBook
Samples from 10 Sangeet Hands Henna eBook

On a more artistic side, these henna designs are spectacular. They are varied enough that you can bring bring ONLY these 10 designs to a mehndi party or sangeet and guests will love them. They focus on tradition Indian styles with a modern Gulf fusion. You are about to have some new favorites for your party and festival books!

It's a bargain at only $4.99. Only .50 a hand!

Purchase 10 Sangeet Henna Hands here.

Congratulations to Neeta for another artistic success!

You'll be happy to know that Neeta has plans on creating more henna design eBooks for us, including some larger full-size books. Woop!

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