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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Product Spotlight: 12 Indian Glass Bangle Set and Bracelet Display Stand Gift Set

12 Indian Glass Bangle Sets and Bracelet Display Stand Gift Set

For a stunning way to jumpstart your glass bangles collection and effortless display your collection at the same time, look no further than the 12 Indian Glass Bangle Set and Bracelet Display Stand. This bracelet set and display stand not only is a great deal for any jewelry lover’s collection, but it also makes the perfect gift for just about any occasion.

This gift set is absolutely beautiful. You simply won’t be able to get enough of these handmade glass bangles. They are truly stunning. The handcrafted workmanship is quite impressive. Each glass bangle is uniquely custom made with excellent design and detail. One glass bangle set is prettier than the next and always offers something different. Even the display stand is uniquely handmade.

The wooden bangle stand by itself is something to admire. It’s sturdy and beautifully well-made. It is hand carved with intricate detail. The wooden stand is so pretty, you may want to add a touch of India to your room d├ęcor and leave it out on display for all to see.

The 12 bangle set with display stand is a great value for the price. You get 12 sets of handmade glass bangles, made available in 12 vibrant colors that are pre-selected and beautifully matched. Exotic and fashionable, these glass bangles are great to wear with any outfit -- day or night. You can layer the bangles with other bracelets, mix and match the colors or wear them alone. These glass bangles from India will be a great addition to your jewelry collection or make an excellent gift to someone special.

Knowing your bangle size is extremely important. At Beachcombers, we recommend that you wear the smallest size possible for the best look, but larger bracelets are popular for special events such as weddings. There are several ways to find your bangle size. Try our bangle sizing kit or use a printable sizing template. Be sure to measure yourself before you place the order. If you have a color preference you can also add color requests to the comments box during checkout. If you need help with sizing for yourself or for sizing a gift, contact us at beachcombers@shopbeachcombers.com.

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