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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gold and Silver Indian Glass Bangles

Gorgeous silver and gold glass bangles
Silver and gold bangles on a holographic base
There is nothing quite like the sparkle of gold and silver combined with glass bangles, but it's even better when gold and silver are used in the same bangle set.

Check out some of these beautiful new Indian bangle sets. Plenty of gold glitter and silver glitter make these elegant bracelets sparkle. Some bangle sets have clear bangles with gold and silver which add a wonderful textural appearance. There is a lovely set of gray and gold bangles that is one of the most elegant bracelet sets in the collection.

Matte texture silver and gold glass bangles
A matte texture adds interest and sophistication.
Silver and gold bangles are easy to mix and match by adding a touch of color to them. Find some purple and gold Indian bangle sets that are packed with Bollywood style. To add a bit more edge to your collection, try the yellow gold bangles combined with coppery-peach bangles on a black base. Pop in a bit of pomegranate red and add instant glam!

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