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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Clean Henna Applicator Bottles and Tips

I recently got a question about the best way to clean the tiny applicator tips used for henna application. Though you can find the answer at The Henna Learning Center, I thought I'd go into more detail here!

Cleaning Henna Applicator Tips

Keep your stainless steel metal tips from degrading, clogging, or breaking by taking good care of them. Jacquard (Jaq or Jac) tips are more susceptible to damage than ORa henna tips, but both can be used for a lifetime with proper care.

Avoid letting henna paste dry in metal tips. The dried henna paste can be a bear to remove, so if you can't clean them right away, pop them in a cup of warm water. When ready to clean, either use very hot tap water or warm up some water on the stove and place the tips in the hot water. Remove them one tip at a time and run water through the tip using a needle to remove any henna in the tip. I even blow through the tip to be sure everything is completely gone.

You should be able to see a perfect circle of light passing through the tip, as shown in this picture. If you cannot see light through the metal tip or the light is not a perfect circle, you still have henna in your tip and you need to keep cleaning!

Let the tips air dry completely before storing.

Cleaning Henna Applicator Bottles

Henna bottles are easy to clean. Squeeze out as much henna as possible, then fill the bottle about half way with warm or hot water. Cover the opening with your finger and shake vigorously. Empty the water form teh bottle and repeat this process until the bottle is clean.

Alternatively, you can let the bottles soak in warm or hot water to clean them. Let the bottles air dry completely before storing.

Take good care of all your henna tools and they will take good care of YOU!
Henna On!

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