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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How To Store Henna

Henna is a perishable product that requires special storage to stay fresh and leave great henna stains. There are different ways to store henna depending on if it's mixed or not. We'll talk about both.

How to Store Powder Henna

Powder henna is pretty stable if it's packaged properly. Both of our henna brands, ORa and Jamila henna are vacuum sealed which makes them quite stable. While they are unopened, you can store these hennas in any cool dry place. Stay away from any place that encounters sunlight or high temperatures. That means no bathrooms!

Once the henna has been opened, it's important to seal the henna well before storing it. Air and light will ruin henna powder, so squeeze out as much air as possible before storing leftover henna powder. Again store in a cool dry place.

For long term storage, freeze henna powder. If you do this, be sure to double wrap the henna. Any condensation will ruin the powder. Before unwrapping frozen henna powder,  be sure the henna is at room temperature and there is no condensation left on the packaging.

How to Store Henna Paste

Henna paste is much more fragile than henna powder. Once henna paste is ready to use, it can go bad fairly quickly. Though it's possible fresh mixed henna will leave good color after sitting out at room temperature for a week, most of the time, the henna paste will be substantially weaker or even dead by then. Don't take the chance of ruining your henna paste when it's so easy to keep it fresh!

Ideally, if you aren't using henna paste in a day, freeze it. Freezing henna paste will not hurt it at all and will keep the paste fresh.

Yes, you can re-freeze henna paste!

If you purchase ready-made henna, be sure to purchase henna that has been properly stored. If you buy henna that has been sitting on a shelf somewhere for goodness knows how long you will get poor color or henna that has added chemicals that are dangerous. On that note, we (Beachcombers) store our henna paste in in-house freezers.

How I Freeze my Henna Paste

When I mix henna paste to use on myself or clients, I mix a large batch and cone it up into individual henna cones that I make from our pre-cut cello triangles. Once my henna cones are neatly taped, I create a label (with the date, ingredients, and any other information I may need), put the henna cones in a bag, and pop the entire bag in the freezer.

When I'm ready to do henna, I pull as many cones as I need out of the freezer and I"m ready to go! My frozen henna cones thaw in about 15 minutes.

I am willing to re-freeze cones I use on myself over and over, but for paying clients, I don't refreeze cones. They are small enough, that I normally use all the henna anyway before needed to re-freeze.

Woop for fresh henna!

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