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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Henna Cone Paper Testing

To keep henna fresh it needs to be frozen. This presents a challenge to carry good quality ready made henna cones. We have our supplier ship our henna frozen to us. This means it has to be shipped as perishable food. It's shipped to a special customs area with frozen storage while it clears US customs. Once the henna reaches us here at Beachcombers, we immediately put it in our freezers. Perfect!

The big challenge after all of that craziness is getting the henna from us, in Orlando Florida, to you (wherever you may be). If we ship it frozen to you, it tends to thaw too quickly and can cause leaky cones on your end. If we ship it already thawed too long we run the risk of you not getting fresh henna. It's a delicate balance!

We are in the process of testing out new henna cone wrappings and types of rolls for our ready-made henna cones. We are hoping to find something that will have less leakage if the henna is still partially frozen when we ship it to you.

This means, you may be seeing all kinds of strange-looking henna wrappers on cones you get from us, lol! Some of the wrappers are branded with other hennas, but the henna inside is indeed the henna we have mixed specifically for us. The only way for us keep track of which wrappers are working, is to keep the wrappings very different and it's much cheaper to use wrappings that are already made and printed than to specially commission them during our testing phase. Once we decide on the thickness of the cellophane, we'll go back to all one type of wrapper.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause!

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