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Friday, September 5, 2014

Bulk Henna Powder Discounts

Quality BAQ Henna Powder by Beachcombers

Discounts on henna? Yes, please!

We have updated our henna powder pricing to reflect larger discounts for bulk orders.

Discounts apply to both ORa henna (oranginc Rajasthani) and Jamila henna AND you can mix and match to get the discounts. Both henna powders are body art quality (BAQ) and professional grade.

All henna powder comes in 100 gram packs.

Henna Discounts

1-4 packs: $7.99
5-9 packs: $6.80
10-49 (1-4 Kilos): $5.99
50 or more (5+ Kilos): $4.99

No need to do anything special, as our system automatically will give you the discounts during checkout.

Henna on!

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