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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Henna Ingredients: New Henna Wrappers

We have settled on new henna wrappers for our ready made henna cones!

I like the thickness and the way our new henna paste cones are wrapped. They are easy on the hands to use, and they are strong.  I'm finding very little leakage, even when shipping frozen henna cones. WIN!

Currently the cones are in a bright pink wrapper with a picture of a women on them, but we are working on getting them printed specifically for us. Hopefully within a year we can have custom wrappers! For now I'm happy to use these generic wrappers.

We've also slightly changed our henna paste recipe. It's a bit more mild, but still leaves nice henna color.

Henna Paste Ingredients:

Pure Henna Powder

Mineral Water
Eucalyptus Oil
Clove Bud Oil
Xantham Gum (Sugar)

Changing from clove oil to clove bud oil is nice. Adding Xantham Gum as a sugar is also great. The henna paste is more flexible than ever!

In my testing, I'm getting good color and nice longevity. The xanthan gum also allows me to leave the paste on longer.

Though I'd love it if everyone mixed their own henna from our fresh henna powder, these are the next best thing!


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